Women of Excellence Members Recognized by Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication

Farmingdale, NY, August 19, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide of Farmingdale, New York is proud to recognize their newest Women of Excellence members who will be included in their next edition for their contributions and achievements in the many fields listed.

About New Women of Excellence Members
They are pleased to introduce their newest Women of Excellence members who are now part of the Strathmore Worldwide Directory and online website:

Kaprece James--Nonprofit/Consulting
Lana R. Johnson--Healthcare
Rosan M. Norris--Insurance/Taxes
Connie S. Swanson--Nonprofit
Claudia G. Murray--Beauty
Sandra S. Watson--Education
Leslie J. Roy--Government
Chantel Randolph--Insurance
Charlotte Velasquez--Education
Charlotte VM Ottley--Business Service
Tanna D. LeGere--Engineering
Naomi Haywood--Organization
Brigitte Boucher--Insurance
Heather D. Keller--Education
Donna Sturm--Broadcasting
Phrantceena T. Halres--Motivational Speaking
Earlene Alexander Mire--Life and Health Insurance/E-Commerce Marketing
Victoria E. Brownlie--Education
Kathryn D. Keithley--Healthcare
Patricia M. Small--Transportation
Leonides Martinez--Financial
Myrna Diaz--Education
Lynn Geronemus Bigelman--Education
Amy Elizabeth Spurgin--Healthcare
June Kasyoki--Education
Annabelle V. Knowles--Healthcare
Jocelyn L. Doyle--Government Healthcare
Anabel Porras--Healthcare
Beth Caniglia--Education
Tammy Shamsie-McCabe--Legal
Tamara L. Lawrence--Real Estate
Mattie Matthews--Religion
Gwendolyn West--Human Services
Angela T. Michel--Government
Gertrude B. Hutchinson--Education
Mary Spera--Dance Education
Tamiko L. Gordon--Food/Baked Goods
Shantelle L. Fuller--Art
Sandra A.E. Sims--Human Services
Corrie B. Poppe--Legal
Sandra Figueroa--Healthcare
Coralyn R. Wright--Healthcare
D. Gail Davis--Education/Cosmetology
Vilma Quintana--Healthcare
Merrie "Gigi" Ranger-Ellis--Healthcare
Karen Hosack-Curlin--Politics
Laura A. Winckel--Retail/Quilts
Denise V. Taddeo--Holistic Healthcare
Sandra L. Hooper--Retail/Florist
Faye A. Peebles--Nonprofit
Ingrid Läderach Steven--Retail/Chocolate
Linda T. Brown--Education
Michele M. Ritzel--Education
Susan M. Dahlke--Transportation
Yesenia E. Bustillos--Masonry
Jessica L. McKnight--Software
Relana J. McGlothan--Real Estate
Rose Graham--Government/Indian Affairs
Joanne M. Schousboe--Education
Towanda C. Hammonds--Real Estate
Teri L. Knight--E-Commerce/Food
Martha A. Julian--Real Estate
Loretta Cordova--Healthcare
Susan R. Hinds--Healthcare
Marilyn K. Brown--Liquor Licenses
Marlene L. Sapp--Canine Breeding
Kay Lamb Shannon--Art
Yolanda A. Mahama--Music Production
Nicole M. Blancher--Life Coaching
Cheryl L. Combs--Real Estate
Sandra L. Woods--Education
Rita T. Busch--Education
Shameika S. Amin--Nonprofit
Pegy A. Lowery--Retail/Apparel
Kathy Lois Vangsnes--Entertainment
Lori L. Pierson--Restaurant
Karen D. Lewis--Government
Dalasini S. Cummings--E-Commerce
Renee Y. Tanner--Healthcare
Deborah Y. Thornton-Mathis--E-Commerce
Svetlana Shapiro--Dentistry
Vera Ehmann--Alternative Healthcare
Bonnie S. Dautriel--Oil and Gas
Joey Michaels--Legal
Randi D. Ward--Education
Linda R. Marshall--Cosmetics
Kathy G. Schuster--Real Estate
Lori A. Metheny--Coaching
Roxana A. Troche--Government
Annette Jones--Accounting
Laura A. Edwards--Financial/Mortgages
Joi E. Austin--Healthcare
Stacie Smith Salvador--Education
Laurel A. Kastrup--Insurance
Gina E. Gamboa--Real Estate
Kimberly D. Fike--Healthcare
Chana G. Anderson--Education
Emily F. Summey, Ph.D.--Education
Barbara M. Hardie--Wellness
Geri L. Tollefson--Food
Shaunte L. Mathis--Nonprofit
Corrie E. Stanley--Wellness
Sophia K. Loo--Healthcare
Teresa E. Samaniego--Notary Services
Kitty D. Garza--Education
Karen Copley--Healthcare
Jacqueline R. Bryant--Religion
Susan W. Collymore--Healthcare
Lynn B. Elfe--Education
Barbara Dotson--Education
Lisa M. Mamula--Taxes
DeAnne R. Boegli--Telecommunications
Susan Goddard--Healthcare
Tracy Turner--Psychic
F. Louise Mapp--Healthcare
Dawn L. Elder--Mental Healthcare
Victoria Boyd--Education
Jessica E. Fowler--Medical Devices
Tatania T. Kurbatov--Wellness
Althea D. Blackford--Broadcast Media
Jodi J. C. Syverson--IT
Kimberly E. Matier--Education
Robin A. Schmid--Retail/Health Products
Kay "K" Downs--Wrestling Museum
Adrienne T. Fisher--Staffing
Carla S. DeYoung--Real Estate
Veronica A. Baginski--Food
Rosemary Rulli--Beauty
Patricia R. Gomez--Cleaning Service
Leslie Meacham Saunders--Nonprofit
Melissa A.E. Sanders--Public Relations
Hazell Rich-Steed--Education
Lucretia L. Robinson--Government
Jennifer Donoho--Medical Devices
Gail Lash--Human Services
Robin A. Schmid--Retail/Health Products
Tammy Jo Cook--Recreation
Erika Horowitz--Healthcare
Traci F. Bishop--Education/Dance
Ardrina R. Scott Elliott--Education
Linda B. Hall--Human Services
Christina DiArcangelo Puller--Clinical Research/Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals
Catherine Landrum--Medical
Maryann Chatfield--Educational Consulting
Cheryl L. Coors--Recruiting
Janet Provino Becker--Consulting
Maria Luisa Badani--Accounting
April M. Jones-Britt--Massage
Amy R. Bortoff--Recreation
Donna L. Clute--Nonprofit
Carol A. Glass--Nonprofit
Margaret A. Mosley--Government Healthcare
Dawn L. Elder--Mental Healthcare

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