BluLogix Dials in on Unified Communications Agent Revenue Recognition

New Release Enables Agents to Increase Top Line Revenue by 200% to 400%

Great Falls, VA, August 24, 2017 --( BluLogix, a leading solution provider for telecom billing and revenue management, today announced new purpose built tools to address the unique complexities of the evolving UCC Agent market.

Agents today typically participate with UCC provider direct or master agent channel programs from Companies like RingCentral, 8X8, Vonage, Fuze, etc. These programs benefit the agent, by not requiring heavy infrastructure and regulatory compliance investments, allowing an agent to enter the UCC market with relatively little cost and risk.

“Today’s financial decision makers are focused on driving up business value by increasing top-line monthly recurring revenue (MRR). If you can unbundle, from the UCC seat, regulated telco and unregulated licenses you can recognize the unregulated licenses as revenue and increase your top-line UCC seat revenue by 200% to 400%. Multiply that by thousands of seats and it can have a real impact on business value,” says Tim Cook, CEO BluLogix

BluLogix new “Agent Revenue Recognition” automates a 3-Step process:

· Parse upstream provider billing details delivered in flat file format
· Match provider account and service details with BluLogix service catalog details
· Generate categorized and priced customer invoice from BluLogix

Regulated telco & taxes are categorized as “pass-through” to the customer, while unregulated services are “rebilled” as revenue at a price the agent controls, all on a single invoice.

Agents are now able to invoice and pass-through regulated services while recognizing top-line revenue from unregulated services.

BluLogix is already working with many UCC providers and supports any upstream provider capable of delivering billing details in an electronic flat file format. BluLogix is an easy to use cloud application delivered in a pay as you go model.

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Tim Cook