Ez-XBRL Inline XBRL Solutions Recommended for South Africa CIPC Filers

Ez-XBRL Solutions, Inc. announced today that the Company’s Integix product has been recognized by the CIPC as having met all the requirements established for submitting Inline XBRL filings starting July 2018.

Manassas, VA, November 28, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Ez-XBRL Solutions, Inc. announced today that its XBRL solutions are available for companies in South Africa that are required to file their Annual Financial Statements in Inline XBRL format with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) starting July 2018. Ez-XBRL Solutions has been included as a member of CIPC’s Software Service Providers Panel. The Company’s Integix product has been assessed by the CIPC as having met all the requirements established for submitting Inline XBRL filings to the regulator.

“Our inclusion in this list is a testament to our long and successful track record of creating solutions to address the XBRL regulatory compliance needs of companies in various jurisdictions,” said Aneet Kumar, President, Ez-XBRL Solutions. "With the availability of our Integix platform for South Africa, CIPC filers can now be assured of our high-quality products and services for Inline XBRL which will be able to meet the data quality, accuracy, and formatting standards established by the CIPC,” she said.

The CIPC reviewed the features of the company’s Integix product, a cloud-based software platform that enables users to collaboratively author, edit, review, validate, and file standards-compliant Inline XBRL (iXBRL) filings to the CIPC. Integix supports the Inline XBRL version 1.1 specification approved by XBRL International, the non-profit consortium responsible for managing and maintaining XBRL standards. Integix supports the XBRL taxonomies published by CIPC, incorporating all the reporting concepts and validations required to create accurate, high-quality iXBRL documents.

Ez-XBRL also offers fully outsourced iXBRL conversion services to South African entities that fall within the purview of the mandate. The company provides expert services in mapping and tagging of Annual Financial Statements, conversion and formatting the iXBRL document, and validation of output. Ez-XBRL has been providing similar services since 2010 to a large number of filers in the UK and has significant experience in offering these services. The company’s renowned XOR portal provides a powerful platform that enables user-friendly and collaborative workflow management, reviewing, and validation of Inline XBRL documents prior to submitting with the CIPC.

In addition to providing solutions for the South Africa mandate, Ez-XBRL supports customers in several other countries, including the USA, the UK, and India. The company’s solutions are being utilized by a large number of corporations in each of these countries to fulfill their regulatory compliance requirements. Ez-XBRL also creates analytics solutions utilizing its patented natural language processing algorithms to enable investment analysts, auditors, hedge funds, corporate law firms, institutional investors, and many others to spot unique content and reporting trends in corporate regulatory filings.
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