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BalanceDietâ„¢ Announces Formulation Improvements to Signature Citrus Lean Fat Burner

Popular Natural Fat Loss Product Now Contains Atlantic Sea Kelp and other powerful anti-oxidants.

Los Angeles, CA, February 24, 2018 --( The BalanceDiet Company has announced improvements to its signature Citrus Lean Fat Burner to add more anti-oxidants to the and nature-based ingredients to the formulation.

Citrus Lean has been a top-selling weight loss and fat burning product, designed by expert health formulators for BalanceDiet in 2002. To keep its position as a market leader, the product formulation has been enhanced from time to time to include new ingredients.

The product now includes a mix of several powerful naturally derived fat fighting ingredients including Bitter Orange Fruit Extract, combined with Green Tea Leaf Extract and White Willow Bark (extract).

“Improving the already-popular formulation to our Citrus Lean product has allowed us to add more anti-oxidants to the product. We were striving to take advantage of some of the newer, more potential nature-based ingredients which show in laboratory studies a high ability to fight stubborn body fat and naturally raise the metabolism, and are very pleased with the results,” commented Lauren Molveney, product formulation advisor.

Natural Atlantic Sea Kelp helps to contribute nearly 40% of the US RDA of Iodine, a mineral essential for healthy weight loss. Iodine is paired with Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract, which is standardized to provide 60% Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), shown in studies to help suppress cravings and overall hunger levels. HCA has also been shown in tests to combat fat loss by inhibiting a key fat-producing enzyme (Citrate Lyase).

In total, the new fat fighting formulation contains 10 ingredients, including the amino acid L-Tyrosine, which may help to naturally combat stress-related weight gains.

Citrus lean is available at, via Amazon and Amazon Prime, and at select retailers.

Note: Content contained within this news release is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease or condition. Always consult with a health professional prior to making any changes to your diet or exercise habits. This product and claims have not been reviewed by the FDA. Product not intended for children, pregnant women, the elderly, or anyone suffering from a chronic health condition.

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