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BMJ&J Inc., an established A+ Rated marketing company has launched it's latest product line called This new revolutionary professional grade free Do It Yourself credit repair tool is secure with no credit or social security cards required to use it. This free website is educational, empowering and easy to use. Also available in Spanish. Featured on Bay News 9 Tampa & News 13 Orlando
Spring Hill, FL, March 07, 2018 --( BMJ&J Inc. has launched a professional grade online Do-It-Yourself credit repair website that has been created to help all consumers who may suffer from inaccurate outdated misleading or unverifiable information in their personal credit files. Statistics have shown that nearly 80% of all credit files contain some form of inaccuracies of which can offer consumers a solution for free.

In the calendar year 2017, approximately 143 million credit files have been breached by Equifax alone which is only a portion of the nearly 16 billion dollar crisis that makes up Identity Theft. There are many forms of Identity theft however, "Synthetic Identity Theft," (meaning your social security number attached to someone else's name) is currently the one on the rise with no end in sight. Reason being this form of identity theft often fools the system even when a consumer sets up some form of credit monitoring.

Professional credit repair services have generally been utilized by the select few consumers who could actually afford it. combats that problem because it's always free to use. No trial periods, credit cards or even social security numbers are required to use it. Professional credit repair services are certainly an investment is self and can be quite costly especially, when joint file are involved.

The two most valued commodities in society today have often been considered by many to be both time and money. Let's face it today's incredibly busy schedules dictate how much effort and or monies can feasibly be spent on either one of them. It's often been said that money is something you may always be able to make more of however, time is more precious since time is something we can never get back or actually get enough of. The "Good News" is that www.freecreditfixletters has been designed to save you both. is Educational Empowering & Easy To Use. The website contains over 100 free legally pre-formatted credit fix letters that allow you to import your personal information into them by following a few simple prompts. Once you create your free account you will immediately have access to all the letters you may need to create.

Also available in Spanish.
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