Zergwatch Social News & Bookmarking Gives Gamers Voice Page One Visibility

Newly launched web site provides an Open Community format for gaming oriented Social News and Bookmarking.

Jackson, NJ, March 05, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Zergwatch is an Open Community Social News & Bookmarking website designed specifically for video game players, video game fansite webmasters, video game bloggers and the video game industry to aggressively promote and syndicate gaming related media to an industry focused and targeted platform.

The Zergwatch Open Community engine provides anyone with a gaming blog, website, product or vocal opinion with the tools necessary to distribute their content to the masses without restriction. Once content or social links are submitted to Zergwatch, the community then decides where the content goes by a basic system of peer reviews and ratings. While the top rated content ends up on Page One, all content is treated as important and sent to various syndicated channels.

Not just another gaming news website.

While there are currently dozens of quality news oriented gaming websites on the internet which deliver a steady stream of gaming related news, reviews and opinions, the opinions they often give are rarely that of the average gamer and rarely is the voice of the average gamer heard.

The unfortunate casualty in corporate sponsored and "traditional" news media is the gap where the reader is left to decipher what is an honest opinion and what opinions are driven by the bottom line. Zergwatch bridges that gap by giving ordinary gamers an actual voice beyond their current domain of message boards and tucked away comments at the bottom of a story. At Zergwatch, ordinary gamers and bloggers play the role of writer, editor and critic. Everything posted to Zergwatch is open to uncensored community review as long as basic community standards are met.

A successful alpha test.

On February 1st, 2008, Zergwatch announced a one month open alpha stress test in which 8,000 users participated, posting 942 articles and reading over 24,000 news articles in the 29 day period. "Our initial testing results were well beyond our expectations. The Zergwatch website launched February 1st for limited testing purposes and delivered over 24,000 gaming news articles to the gaming community." explained Phil Stilton, CEO of Stilton Company, LLC. "Stilton Company's aggressive approach to marketing our content is what has made our other social news projects hugely successful, which in the end, will serve to benefit entire gaming industry."

On March 10, 2008, Zergwatch will be expanding its testing and beginning an official open public beta where gamers, bloggers, web admins, editors and publishers can begin submitting their content.

Who can use Zergwatch?

Gamers can use Zergwatch to get an unfiltered and uncensored view of the gaming industry. They are not supported, endorsed or backed in any way by corporate gaming entities which can tend to influence content. Zergwatch is a neutral media source, free from the commitments of industry advertisers, bottom lines and buzz trending.

Bloggers can use Zergwatch to promote their blogs. Zergwatch offers blog syndication and invite bloggers to share their blogs with the gaming community. The top rated blogs are syndicated in their "Featured Blogs" syndication. Marketing and posting links for your blog on Zergwatch will help your visibility and increase your reader base. Syndicating your blog through RSS on their website makes it even better.

Gaming website webmasters can use Zergwatch to promote their content. Webmasters are invited to use social bookmarking tools to promote their news, reviews and features in an industry focused social bookmarking medium to compliment their general social bookmarking and marketing strategies.

Software publishers use Zergwatch to promote their press releases. Zergwatch press release distribution system feeds your press release to dozens of gaming focused social websites, blogs and syndicated rss feeds with no effort on your part.

Aspiring journalists use Zergwatch to publish their work and enhance their portfolio. By publishing your work on Zergwatch, you can add valuable industry experience to your portfolio.

Passionate and opinionated gamers use Zergwatch to enlighten the community. Branded and discarded as the "vocal minority" by nearly every gaming establishment, they are welcomed with open arms at Zergwatch. Being a gaming journalist is a dream shared by many. Unlike other gaming websites, fictional gaming stories are allowed!

An overview of the Zergwatch 3 Layer Application

The top layer of Zergwatch is a Social Bookmarking engine which allows users to post links to other gaming websites just like any other Social Bookmark system, creating a virtual archive of gaming Press Releases, Reviews, News and Video. Users can interact with the bookmarks by writing reviews, rating and nominating the news for various awards and recognitions. Any user can submit links and news to Zergwatch. There are no entry exams, interviews or peer reviews to posting on our website.

In the second layer of the Zergwatch application, users become the journalists. Users can submit their creative masterpieces in our public gallery. Where most gaming website editors control the flow of information on page one based on buzz, advertising revenue, freebies and publisher diplomacy, At Zergwatch, the community decides which features will be displayed on Page One with a series of tools including ratings, reviews and popularity scores.

The final and most important layer of the Zergwatch application is our built in Search Engine Optimization. Their engine was built on a solid SEO foundation which precisely keywords, targets and titles each and every article, then aggressively markets each article across dozens of social media platforms. The Open Community SEO Core has been the key to the success of Stilton Company's other social news projects.

About Zergwatch

Zergwatch.com is owned and operated by Stilton Company, LLC of New Jersey. Zergwatch utilizes Stilton Company's proprietary suite SEO optimized and enhanced content management applications used in many successful online ventures. The overall mission statement for zergwatch.com is to Monitor, Catalog, Archive and promote the non-stop stream of news, blogs, media, opinions and press releases generated by the gaming industry on a daily basis.

About Stilton Company, LLC

They are an independently owned Business Technology & Strategy consulting firm specializing in Content Management Solutions, Search Engine Optimization, Portal Management and Online Security and System Management. Stilton Company owns and operates the GoKidsNetwork, a suite of family based Travel, Entertainment and Tourism social networking websites.

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