Novel "Painted Faces" Now Available

The novel "Painted Faces" is now available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle.

Novel "Painted Faces" Now Available
Torrance, CA, September 19, 2018 --( -- The novel “Painted Faces,” now available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle, is the sequel to Jordon Papanier's first novel “Fallen Lotus Petals.” "Painted Faces" is a 90,400 words, 517 page fictional FBI crime thriller. Follow FBI agent Tom Larson as he is haunted by his past as he hunts down a vengeful serial killer, or is he the one being hunted? Take the journey with Agent Larson as he struggles to keep his personal life safe and his career from imploding around him. From a freeway shootout, home invasion, to being setup for murder, Agent Larson has to navigate the lies and backstabbing that put his close friends, and himself in danger.

"Painted Faces" keeps in-line with Papanier’s style of blending gritty, sometimes funny, yet always compelling story telling. This novel offers a cast of new characters that are full of bad guys that are beyond vile and good guys struggling to come out ahead. In this fast paced page-turner, readers are immediately pulled into a story of deceit, of a frenzied struggle to save lives, and one man's quest to make peace with his past. As FBI agent Tom Larson is investigating a home robbery of a close friend, little does he realize that this case will evolve into a personal attract on his career and put his friends in harms way. Agent Larson travels across the country from Los Angles to Las Vegas, into the deep swamps of Louisiana to track down the source of a new designer drug, a serial killer and save migrant workers from the exploitation of human traffickers. Painted Faces is a thoroughly captivating novel that weaves poetic phrasing, humor, and danger into the life of one very complex FBI agent, creating a heart pounding fast paced plot that is as disturbing as it is gripping.
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