Drug Testing Direct Opens Houston, TX Facility

Drug Testing Direct Federally Compliant Certified D.O.T. Collectors have been trained to adhere to all Department of Transportation regulations as outlined in CFR 49 Section 40. They offer a wide range of services to make a one stop facility for all employer, family, and community testing needs. Drug Testing Direct offers the cleanest, fastest, most dependable drug testing results for individuals and employers 24/7.

Drug Testing Direct Opens Houston, TX Facility
Houston, TX, October 18, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Drug Testing Direct is pleased to announce that it has opened a drug and alcohol testing center in Houston, Texas. The testing facility is located at 16526 Park Row, Houston, TX 77084, for employer and individuals needing a drug or alcohol test.

They offer testing at their location with convenient hours and offer on-site testing, 24 hours a day 7 days a week for those individuals or employers needing drug and alcohol testing conducted at their business or an accident site.

With Houston being the home to an International Seaport and International Airport; testing services offered at the Houston, TX facility include but not limited to, DOT testing for FMCSA, FAA, FRE, FTA, PHMSA, and UCSG. Additional DOT Part 40 services include, consortium enrollment, employer drug and alcohol policy development, reasonable suspicion supervisor training, and DOT compliance consultation.

Drug Testing Direct offers 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, and 17 panel drug screenings for small, medium, and large employers. They offer services for individuals needing a court ordered drug, alcohol, or DNA test. Available testing methods include urine, hair, nail, and oral saliva. Customized panels are available upon request. Alcohol testing is available utilizing breath alcohol testing devices.

DTD offers a wide range of services to make a one stop facility for all employer, family, and community testing needs. The following services are offered 24/7 to our clients: DOT/Non DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing, On-Site Mobile Collections, Hair Follicle Testing, Saliva Drug Testing, Breath Alcohol Testing, Rapid Drug Tests (Results in a matter of minutes), DNA/Paternity/Sibling & Ancestry Testing, Background Screening, Employer Solutions, and much more.

DTD focuses on providing dependable and trustworthy service to fit your company's specific needs. With accurate testing and fast delivery, DTD aims to strive for excellence by offering their customers knowledge and support through status discovery.

DTD offers services for employers, family, and the community as they look to solidify high moral and safety standards. They pride ourselves in providing superior customer service; DTD maintains its relationships with its customers as its clients are first priority.

Their expertise and passion is in drug testing. DTD is involved in the drug testing community and is up to date on laws and reform news in order for them to help their clients make the best informed hiring decisions and maintaining employee safety and productivity.

Drug Testing Direct also specializes in the implementation of a company’s drug and alcohol testing program which will comply with Texas’ Drug Free Workplace Program and provide discounts on workman’s compensation rates and individuals who have been in the military.

The staff of Drug Testing Direct is committed to providing all drug and alcohol testing services in a professional, friendly, and confidential manner and all Drug Testing Direct staff are certified in DOT and Non-DOT drug and alcohol testing procedures. Their testing services include MRO verification and they only utilize SAMHSA Certified laboratories.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 281-717-8800 or visit us online at www.DrugTestingDirect.com.
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