Millionaire Masterminds Launch Quote Engine Technology

In a powerful joint venture between Sean Matheis (founder of The Millionaire Masterminds & leading insurance marketing expert), Moving Hub US (the leading global utility connection software) and Utility Connect (the Nations leading home services call center); Quote Engine is the first software of it's kind in the insurance industry.

Millionaire Masterminds Launch Quote Engine Technology
Dallas, TX, October 24, 2018 --( The state and federal government has always regulated the insurance industry however, the consumer has always had the legal right to select their provider and switch carriers at anytime. Consumers have always had the ability to choose from a variety of providers when it comes to television, cable, satellite, and internet. This isn't to say all providers service all areas however, customers can choose from the providers that are in their area it is not regulated by the government. Such has not always been the case for energy (electricity & gas).

Before deregulation in the 1980s, the only option consumers had for their supply was their local utility; there was no choice. The government-regulated pricing and single-distribution source fostered a monopolistic marketplace. Once deregulation was approved, customers started benefiting from an open, free marketplace offering a choice in supplier and ultimately, more competitive rates.

Moving Hub is an innovative software that allows consumers to shop all of the providers in their area and find the lowest rates on all of their utilities & home services. Moving Hub is an innovative software that allows consumers to shop all of the providers in their area and find the lowest rates on all of their utilities & home services and is backed by Utility Connect, the nations leading call center solution in the utility connection industry.

Sean Matheis (Founder of The Millionaire Masterminds) began working with Moving Hub and Utility Connect to increase the service offering to include insurance thus, Quote Engine was born. Quote Engine allows insurance agents to generate quote requests on auto pilot and not only offer consumers the ability to save money on their insurance but also lower their monthly utility bills via the integration with the Moving Hub software. The integration with Moving Hub allows the insurance agent to sell the insurance policy while the Utility Connect call center handles the utility and home services transactions. The entire customer journey is managed and monitored with the Moving Hub virtual office.

This innovative collaboration has brought an entirely new customer experience unlike anything the insurance industry has never seen. Quote Engine provides a one stop shop for all of the customers monthly home services. The entire customer experience is white labeled to the insurance agent and allows the agent to reach their prospects with an entirely new value proposition, expand their service offering, help their customers shop the best rates on all of their home services, and increase customer retention.

Quote Engine can be purchased at and has a do it your self option that comes with step by step training, the exact set up blue print, the exact ad copy & targeting to generate hundreds of exclusive leads and can be set up in under 24 hrs. There is also a managed service option and the team at Quote Engine will set up & manage the entire system for the agent so it is completely hands off for the user. The pricing starts at just $199 set up fee and only $99 a month. Agents will get a customized website, free text marketing, free automated emails, unlimited live transfers, marketing materials, and virtual office to track & manage all of the users leads.
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