FACTON Announces New Features to Keep International Supply Chains in Check: FACTON EPC 10 Should Costing

FACTON Announces New Features to Keep International Supply Chains in Check:  FACTON EPC 10 Should Costing
M√ľnchen, Germany, November 14, 2018 --(PR.com)-- FACTON, the leader in Enterprise Product Costing (EPC), today announced a wide range of new high-performance features for Version 10 of its EPC Should Costing Solution. Now activity surcharges are considered in the labor cost calculation – alongside automatic cost calculation of the purchasing volume for materials per year and across the entire lifecycle. The new version expands system administrator permissions: now admins can change the owner of any cost calculation. The application programming interface (API) also accelerates user and rights administration.

“The global market is currently undergoing a tumultuous phase. This has a direct impact on supply chains in internationally operating companies. We have improved our FACTON EPC Should Costing Solution in Version 10 to help businesses perform quick, transparent and traceable analyses of purchased part prices in these volatile times,” noted FACTON CEO, Alexander M. Swoboda. “It is important for us to offer our customers a solution that enables them to achieve the best possible price during purchasing negotiations, regardless of the market situation.”

Less effort for administrative tasks, increased usability

Visualizing manufacturing cells makes costing more realistic. The new version features optimized supplier administration. It expands API functionality and it can be used to accelerate rights administration in the system. Now it is possible to import users and their permissions. This eliminates the need to add them manually.

To increase usability, the view schema was revised to accelerate user data entry. This enables users to get a quicker overview of costs. In addition, the system’s adaptability was enhanced so that the costing status and maturity levels can be personalized. An optimized view configuration for tools and devices makes the latest FACTON EPC Should Costing Version 10 an essential part of enterprise-wide cost calculation.

Quicker, more precise costing structure

The Excel Bill of Material (BoM) import helps users quickly structure their calculations. When combined with in-house benchmark data and cost models, this enables users to calculate manufacturing processes without expert knowledge. This makes FACTON EPC Should Costing an indispensable tool within the product planning and purchasing departments of the enterprise.

“Our new version of the EPC Should Costing Solution is exceptionally well-suited for use in material requirements planning and for preparing for supplier negotiations,” says Swoboda. “Labor cost calculations are more precise and offers more factual information from practical applications. The new version enables users to build cost calculations much more quickly and clearly.”

The standard variant of the new version makes it possible to rapidly implement market-related requirements. Version 10 builds a database for manufacturing cells that could be reused in similar calculations. FACTON EPC 10 Should Costing enables uniform, consistent designation of suppliers and makes it easier to find calculations quickly. The latter is an important prerequisite for further analyses, such as those performed with Business Intelligence (BI).

“We are offering a dramatically improved user experience with a significantly faster calculation structure. But even optional, customer-specific adaptations make the Should Costing Solution a powerful tool within the FACTON EPC Suite,” explained Swoboda.

The most important new features at a glance:

- Automatic cost calculation of the purchasing volume for material per year and across the lifecycle
- Consideration of the activity surcharge in the labor cost calculation
- System administrators can change the owner of the cost calculation
- Import of users and rights via the API
- View schema for fast data entry and an overview of production costs
- Customer-specific configurability of the costing status, costing maturity level, queries and reports as well as roles and rights
- Support for manufacturing cells in the cost calculation and in the master data
- Optimized view configuration for tools and devices; shorter parameter names

The FACTON EPC 10 Should Costing solution is part of the FACTON EPC Suite. The Suite consists of specific solutions that address the product costing requirements of different company departments and divisions – from top management, controlling and production to development, purchasing and sales.

Details on new features in additional suite components will be published in a separate press release.
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