ALC’s Aerial Lift Safety Checklist: Tools and Resources for a Safer Workplace

Phoenix, AZ, December 17, 2018 --( With OSHA compliant training, online convenience, and affordable prices, (ALC) is one of the most trusted training partners in the United States.

Now, thanks to their recent outreach initiative to put more useful information in the hands of aerial lift and scissor lift workers, ALC is taking another step toward total workplace safety.

ALC recently announced their Aerial Lift Safety Checklist, a comprehensive collection of information, instructions, and safety tips for everyone involved with operating aerial lifts, aerial work platforms (AWPs), and similar elevated work equipment.

“Aerial lift safety is one of OSHA’s primary concerns,” said Tom Wilkerson, founder and CEO of ALC. “That means it should be a primary concern of site supervisors, safety personnel, and aerial lift operators everywhere. With our Aerial Lift Safety Checklist, we take a lot of the guesswork out of AWP safety.”

The ALC Aerial Lift Safety Checklist consists of a written guide and two infographics, which provide practical, applicable safety inspection info, things to look for, safety hazards, workplace review lists, and much more.

“All too often, the most basic aspects of aerial lift safety are overlooked,” said Mr. Wilkerson. “ALC helps individual workers and companies with OSHA compliance and safety training already, so we thought it would be a good idea to relay helpful safety info in a fun, informative format. The response we’ve received so far has been positive, and we’re glad ALC is able to help the aerial lift community any way we can.”

The safety guide contains data and checklists about tires, warning devices, fasteners & locking pins, insulating devices, and other aerial lift equipment. Check out the ALC Aerial Lift Safety Checklist today.

Visit to learn more or call the main office directly at (888) 278-8896.

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