Rocky Mountain Western Offers Native American Silver Concho Bolo Ties

These Bolo Ties have slides that are fashioned from US silver coins.

Rocky Mountain Western Offers Native American Silver Concho Bolo Ties
New Vernon, NJ, September 07, 2019 --( Rocky Mountain Western, a leading name in the industry that is known for its diverse collection of bolo ties, also stocks a collection of Native American Concho bolo ties. This is only one of the many unique collections of bolo ties that it offers.

These Native American Silver Concho bolo ties are designed using US silver coins, which in itself is a rarity. Every one of these bolo ties that you will find with Rocky Mountain Western has been handcrafted by silversmiths who have more than three decades of experience in designing traditional jewelry, including Southwestern Indian Jewelry.

Rock Mountain Western’s Liberty Dollar ties are must-haves for creative collectors as well as art enthusiasts. These bolo ties are made from Walking Liberty half dollar coins - dates mentioned on these coins vary. In addition to this, these bolo ties are also unique due to another detail - they also feature high-quality Turquoise stone. The option of customization is also available.

In addition to different types of bolo ties, Rocky Mountain Western also provides different bolo ties supplies for customization. From bolo backs, tips, and slides to bolo cords, cord spools, and adhesives, everything that you need to customize your bolo ties is easily available.

Rocky Mountain Western has been providing high-quality, authentic bolo ties for many years. All the products are made using high-grade materials and feature intricate details. Visit our website today
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