Little Rox Can Make a Big Difference

Little Rox hope to bring peace, hope and security to the world with character development.

Indianapolis, IN, April 08, 2008 --( Two Indianapolis-based entepreneurs, Ron Sukenick and Joe Newman, have developed a creative idea to help bring peace, hope and security to the world. The pair has introduced Little Rox (, a "rock-in-a-box" that delivers a message based on character traits.

According to Sukenick, "Joe and I felt that if people worldwide were to adopt character traits like benevolence, deference, dependability, forgiveness, generosity, honesty, humility and others, it would have a significant impact on mankind."

"So, we assigned different rocks like granite, obsidian, sandstone, shale, marble, etc each with a different characteristic," added Newman. "And we've launched our campaign with a percentage of the proceeds to go to organizations that stress character development."

"Plus, we've created a Declaration for Humanity that people can sign to help spread the word worldwide. As Granite, one of the 20 rocks featured said, "It is an enormous project with 6.6 billion people in the world, but there are more rocks than people and we can get this message out... Little Rocks Can Make a Big Difference," said Sukenick.

Ron Sukenic is President of Relationship Strategies Institute (, Joe Newman is CEO of the American Basketball Association (ABA) ( For more information, call Ron Sukenick at 317 216 8210, Joe Newman at 317 844 7502, email Ron at or visit

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