Musotica Launch Sensual Satin Sleepwear Collection in Time for Valentine’s Day 2020

Musotica Launch Sensual Satin Sleepwear Collection in Time for Valentine’s Day 2020
Los Angeles, CA, January 28, 2020 --( With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Musotica have launched their latest sleepwear collection.

The online fashion and lingerie retailer has introduced a variety of new items to their catalogue with a focus on comfort and style.

The latest sleepwear for the women's collection features silky two-piece pajama sets, figure-hugging slips, babydoll nighties, long sleeved romper one pieces and cozy cable knit pieces.

Founded by celebrity stylist and designer, Sarah Wallner, the collection is inspired by couples and singles who are planning a romantic evening in come Valentine’s Day 2020.

The Valentine’s Day collection offers customers a variety of sexy and fun styles with a color palette to match the most romantic day of the year.

When asked about the latest collection, Sarah said: “We wanted to experiment this Valentine’s Day, so we opted for a more traditional color palette.

“You can expect lots of baby pinks and deep reds, alongside emerald green, cool gray and traditional black items too.”

Throughout the collection, a combination of flattering materials are used including satin, cable knit and floral print lace, alongside an abundance of unique silk styles.
Sarah added: “We wanted a varied sleepwear collection that could add some sparkle on Valentine’s Day, while still looking great all year round.

“These items and bright, fun and sexy. Not only do they offer the wearer incredible comfort but they are also undeniably stylish too. There really is something for everyone this Valentine’s Day.”

Many of the items within the sleepwear collection are available as plus size PJ sets.
Sarah Wallner