Total Insurance Solutions Now Offers Burial Insurance Policies to Baby Boomers in South Carolina

Total Insurance Solutions Now Offers Burial Insurance Policies to Baby Boomers in South Carolina
Charleston, SC, February 07, 2020 --( Total Insurance Solutions is now offering final expense insurance policies to baby boomers living throughout South Carolina.

Final expense insurance is a type of life insurance policy that is designed to cover funeral costs and medical expenses that are incurred at the end of life. It not only protects those left behind financially, but gives the insured peace of mind knowing that they aren’t leaving behind a burden. Traditional life insurance policies are generally used during earlier stages of life, with burial insurance serving as a way to pay for expenses left behind after death.

Baby Boomers Final Expense
From 1946 to 1964, more than 75 million Americans were born. These baby boomers are aging now, and as they do, they end up finding a place to retire. South Carolina has become a go-to location, and more than 18% of the population of the state is over 60 years of age. Boomer numbers in South Carolina are growing as well, increasing by around 11%.

Some of the most popular cities for boomers in South Carolina include:

Myrtle Beach

But no matter the city, the fact remains that baby boomers need to know that their final expenses are covered – roughly 28% of the population falls into this age group, and as they plan retirement they’ll also need to plan for final expenses. The right insurance policy from Total Insurance Solutions could be the key to doing that and getting the peace of mind needed to move forward with confidence.

Heavy Financial Burdens
The average cost of a funeral today ranges from $7,000 up to $12,000 – but it can easily exceed that depending on various factors. One of the most common reasons that Americans purchase a life insurance policy is to cover these expensive burial costs, which can include items such as:

Transfer of the body
Embalming costs
Hearse fees
Casket purchase
Memorial package
Funeral home usage fees
Viewing costs
And more

Funeral costs have increased by 20% since 2006, and the prices continue to rise, making it more difficult for those left behind after death. Often, families fail to realize just how expensive a funeral is and end up facing huge amounts of debt and stress at a time when they should be focusing on their grief.

As 2020 rolls forward, baby boomers in South Carolina and their loved ones will be able to contact Total Insurance Solutions agents to find a final expense insurance policy that helps provide protection.

About Total Insurance Solutions
At Total Insurance Solutions, the focus is on providing final expense insurance policy solutions to South Carolina residents. Funeral costs don’t have to be more stressful and difficult than the actual loss of a loved one, and the right policy will take away much of the burden and the families grieve properly.

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