Valiant Eagle Inc. (OTC: PSRUD) Adopts Over-The-Top Media Services

Valiant Eagle Inc. is pleased to announce that it will now fully support and adopt Over-The-Top Media Services.

Valiant Eagle Inc. (OTC: PSRUD) Adopts Over-The-Top Media Services
Los Angeles, CA, February 20, 2020 --( Previously, their model followed best practices of traditional television and internet broadcasting industries. However, the actual industries have changed at an amazing rate and are continuing their explosive evolution from the old Information Age into the new Communication Age. For instance, streaming platforms have surpassed traditional broadcast media viewership in 2017 and this trend will only continue. This identified trend will cause the extinction of one-way broadcast television.

Valiant Eagle has completely upgraded their approach, backing OTT structures instead of traditional top-down management models. They've decided to follow the emerging new media trends, such as, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and others, whose audiences and subsequent revenues are gaining daily momentum. Viewers have abandon traditional television networks, cable, satellite stations and print media in favor of newer platforms that permit feedback thus, creating an individual tailoring of modern program content.

Valiant Eagle is backing this movement and taking a leading position in these emerging trends. However, they will still maintain a very strong on-going presence in accessing and control of their own pre-existing broadcast television platforms. Taking this position allows Valiant Eagle the advantage of pushing any content that might be considered niche or micro-niche into the largest general audience available. Consequently, they have the flexibility to provide maximum yield to their content providers and the mediums that offer support.

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