New Book "You Are the Influencer" by Renee Meriste

New Book "You Are the Influencer" by Renee Meriste
Los Angeles, CA, April 21, 2020 --( “You Are The Influencer” is a new book by industry expert Renee Meriste. The book takes a reader on a short, data infused hyper lesson of the do's and don'ts of the music business...and really any business.

Renee brings over 25 years of global entertainment industry experience into the pages of this fact driven, fast paced read.

What makes the entertainment industry so amazing? Influencers, Dream builders.
Dream builders are a unique type of a human being.

They manage the fulfillment of an artists’ dreams, nothing more, nothing less. Achieving this “modest” goal is an incredible thing.

And to be clear managers have been around as long as the first song was heard.
Parents were helping their kids.

Once just a “Mom or Dad” there are now business managers, lawyers, designers, publishers, marketers and PR people, all a part of the dream building team.

Once a singer in a punk band, he then guided careers and became the oversight person at a billion dollar media industry accounting firm.

Renee still spends time guiding artists and enjoys giving lectures on the industry in the United States and Europe.

As legendary A&R Tom Zutaut wrote in the foreword:

"Renee has worked in bigger territories like Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, and The United States of America; these big markets all seem to have specialists who only know one part of the music business. But Renee, coming from Estonia, his multitasking has touched them all. This is the reason his book is filled with great advice. The beauty of coming from a small country like Estonia is that Renee has worked in every position in the music business. In his years in the business Renee has shifted around - been a driver, accountant, manager, publisher, tour manager, merchandise sales guy, record label executive, music store sales man, music store executive, music wholesale executive, consultant for many bands and music businesses around the world Renee started as the accountant for a punk band and ended up managing the finances for the biggest music acts in history.

"The beauty of the music business is that every dream is possible with hard work and perseverance! Renee is a great example of that - born under Soviet occupation, and then following his dreams to travel with his music career all over the world. I once asked him how he did it and he told me..."everything is possible in life; you always have to dream big no matter where you are and how old you are. He continued by saying to me to 'Remember, you have to get a long with the Janitor and the President of the record label to succeed.' Good advice. Read this book, then follow your dreams, with all that you can learn by the words of Renee in these pages, as he speaks to you... and remember, the music business is special, takes a certain mindset and mentality... and lastly, Dream Big as Renee and I have for everything in life is possible! Enjoy! And don’t forget, Renee is crazy, crazy enough to believe he can change the world. So when you finish this book, you might be a little crazy too. Like Renee, crazy enough to believe you too can change the world. If this scares you, put this book down and get back to your normal life."

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