Archimedes' Printing Shoppe Virtually Launches Inaugural Children's Book Series Gata Unbound from the Deep Woods of Philadelphia on June 1

Philadelphia, PA, May 28, 2020 --( On June 1, 2020, Philadelphia-based Archimedes’ Printing Shoppe is releasing virtually via a socially-distanced Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Live its first book in a series of children’s books for ailurophiles of all ages. Written by Lucy Noland and Susan Russell and beautifully illustrated in watercolor by Kaity Lacy - cat lovers and advocates, one and all - the first 88-page volume in the Gata Unbound series contains two books: Klein’s Weird Evening and Archimedes’ Ear.

Through the experiences of a rare, male calico cat, an old inventor, a psycatherapist and cathropologist, a baker of Greek descent, a mysterious celebrity cat-trapper and a whole host of fascinating characters, this humorous one-of-a-kind book series engages readers of all ages in the wild world of cats and the life-saving innovation known, globally, as “trap-neuter-return.” “TNR has saved millions of cats from unnecessary deaths in crowded animal shelters worldwide,” says humane educator and artist Kaity Lacy.

The authors and artist, decked out in facemasks, will be in the woods - heavily coated in bug-spray - socially distanced and signing all pre-ordered hardcover books and those purchased during the Live via Why the woods? That’s where many of the cats in Gata Unbound live, in the woods known as The Territory. Joining the launch, three of Philly’s finest cat trappers and TNR advocates, Cowboy Bob the Cat Wrangler, The Mad Catter and Philadoptables’ Diana Bauer. Mac’s Fund’s Clare Morrison is joining the crew and together, they’ll announce how they’re helping more than 80 Philly cats and preventing potentially thousands of new cats from ending up on the streets.

“We believe all cats deserve to live out their lives whether as community or indoor cats. But you don’t have to be a cat lover to love Gata Unbound. It’s a series for anyone who likes a witty tale with historical and literary allusions mixed with whimsy and the occasional baklava recipe,” says nationally renowned journalist Noland. Adds Russell: “Our cats have reviewed the books and have told us, ‘it is not a bad book, considering humans wrote it.’ High praise, indeed.”

When: Monday, June 1, 2020
Where: Anywhere you are! Just go to Facebook @Archimedesprintingshoppe or @LucyNoland and Twitter or Instagram @ArchimedesPrint
Time: 6:00 p.m. EST

Archimedes’ Printing Shoppe is based in Philadelphia, and styles itself a feel-good company. Its products are made with social responsibility, lots of compassion and a good laugh top of mind.

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