Jobsprocket Launches America's 1st Niche Job Search Site for Careers in STEM, Agriculture and Industrial Automation

Jobsprocket Launches America's 1st Niche Job Search Site for Careers in STEM, Agriculture and Industrial Automation
Fresno, CA, June 01, 2020 --( Jobsprocket (pronounced job/sprocket), the nation’s top career search platform for jobs in STEM, Agriculture and Industrial Automation has launched. The platform, focuses on full-time permanent, temporary, remote or traditional in-office positions. Jobs range from hourly to salary based positions. Jobsprocket, curates jobs specific to the interests of those in medicine, science, research labs, innovative tech companies, manufacturing facilities, energy, oil and gas refineries, agriculture jobs, aircraft, software and automotive companies just to name a few. The platform invites recruiters/employers and candidates to the site, utilizing the enterprise-grade interface to bring both sides together faster, directly interacting with each other as a benefit of the Jobsprocket platform.

Jobsprocket's research has determined that the number one frustration from job seekers is not only not hearing back from an employer in a timely manner, but also finding the right place to find a career site that is industry specific. Jobsprocket is the proud to have developed a solution. Recruiters/employers cater to candidates’ preferred method of communication and allow for immediate conversation in order to schedule interviews, answer questions and fill roles faster. This increases candidate engagement and reduces post-apply applicant abandonment. Furthermore, the Jobsprocket platform was designed specifically with careers in STEM, Ag, Industrial Automation in mind.

“We could not be more excited to bring this amazing candidate and employer driven platform to those who want and need it most. As an established expert in the areas of academic and technological leadership including administrative oversight of Engineering and Industrial Automation collegiate programs, we recognized their were gaps in this space and have been for many years. We listened to the voices of employers and jobseekers and are thrilled to empower visitors and users to take full advantage of our site for their collective benefit," says Dr. Aubrey Priest, CEO and Founder of Jobsprocket.

The job search company allows for more efficiency in connecting organizations with workers. The company worked tirelessly to solve the communication gap, improving efficiency in hiring for companies and satisfaction for job-seekers.

Jobsprocket is fully EEOC compliant and proudly supports organizations focused on aligning jobseekers, with specific career interests. We support: NACME, Girls Who Code, FFA, MESA & ISA.

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