Popular Dating Site Uses Web 2.0

Florida, FL, June 06, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Through an innovative approach to modern cyber-technologies in a fashion popularly referred to as “Web 2.0,” developers of a rapidly growing website are taking a bold step well beyond their competitors.

www.fatisbeautiful.com has been wowing the World Wide Web with its successful safe haven for overweight people and that success, according to experts, is rooted not only in the proactive approach to creating a respectful web community, but also in the progressive use of modern technology.

Web 2.0 is a commonly used idiom that describes a modern approach to web technology through enhanced creativity, information sharing and collaboration among users. This methodology has led to the evolution of web-based communities like FatisBeautiful.com. According to web experts, it is a website full of genuine interactivity that allows users to connect with other members, the provider and first-rate technologies. Developers of the site said they feel harnessing Web 2.0 technology was a necessary step in reaching their goal of creating a community for fat people.

By crafting clear, spacious web pages that aren’t overwhelmed by a cluster of links and ads, users will have more elbow room to navigate the multifaceted site with ease and comfort, according to one of the site’s co-founders, Sidney Bitton. Working closely with his co-founding partner Serge Bensimon, Bitton said the interactive community site, committed to establishing a respectful, accepting environment, is profile-based with a multitude of sections that give users an opportunity to be part of something and to feel good while doing it.

“Web 2.0 is an important part of our goal,” Bitton said. “The site is easy to navigate and understand. People can create profiles, post video confessions and meet their soul mate with ease. They can do it all without a masters degree in engineering. It allows users to create and manage their own content and give them that sense of control and freedom they need.”

With a targeted demographic that continues to grow, statistics put the number of Americans that are extremely obese at over nine million, according to Obesityinamerica.org. There are 60 million obese Americans and, with the count up over 127 million, 65% of American adults, ages 20 years and older, are overweight. Fatisbeautiful.com has a strong customer base and experts predict this site will soon dominate the web with its high-end technology and carefully placed filters that give users a sense of freedom and safety.

The site, said Bitton, gives these millions of people in the United States and around the world a place to come together without the stigma that often surrounds weight issues. When people go on public forums, Bitton explained, they are often subjected to the harsh judging public that use stereotypes as a weapon.

FatisBeautiful.com is designed to filter out negativity and give to the overweight population a place they can call home.

Bitton said the site provides a positive environment that will help fill a void for overweight people and allow them to benefit from honest, open relationships. Although there are personal ads, Bitton said the site is more focused on creating a sense of community and rebuilding self esteem for the overweight.

“Fatisbeautiful.com is a community first and a dating site second,” Bitton said. “By creating an online world where people can come together with others just like them, I believe fat people, that are often shy and reserved, will have a place to really come out of their shells and be who they truly are. We needed to take advantage of the community-oriented technology out there in order to give our members the perfect platform to be themselves – with dignity and respect.”

Fat is beautiful
Richard Jones