Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized-P.O.W.E.R. Welcomes Their New Women of Empowerment Members

Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized-P.O.W.E.R. Welcomes Their New Women of Empowerment Members
Manhasset, NY, August 19, 2020 --( P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) welcomes their new Women of Empowerment members who are being recognized for their achievements and contributions in the many fields and industries listed.

About The New Women of Empowerment Members
P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) is proud to celebrate the new Women of Empowerment members who are now recognized members of P.O.W.E.R.:

Jennifer Lynn Myers--Accounting
Katy Doan--Accounting
Paulette Childress--Advertising/Marketing
Sandra D. Gifford--Advertising/Marketing
Elizabeth Yarnell--Alternative Medicine
Tresa L. Simmons--Alternative Medicine
Margaret Josephs--Apparel/Fashion
April Rose Mata--Apparel/Fashion
Sara Maldonado--Apparel/Fashion
Molly D. Robbins--Apparel/Fashion
Ramona E. Johnson--Apparel/Fashion
Jennie P. Stahler--Architecture/Planning/Design
Lisa Vangelas--Architecture/Planning/Design
Karen T. Otis--Architecture/Planning/Design
Sheri Caldwell--Art
Doris M. Munafo--Automotive
Amanda L. Bailey-Green--Automotive
Christina L. Oliver--Banking/Mortgage
Phuong "Fiona" Dao--Beauty/Cosmetics
Naiymah R. Moore--Beauty/Cosmetics
Olivia Bentley--Beauty/Cosmetics
Valarie J. Granata--Beauty/Cosmetics
Erica J. Williams--Beauty/Cosmetics
Amarjyothi Sarasam--Beauty/Cosmetics
Lynore Oliveri--Beauty/Cosmetics
Peggy Teague--Beauty/Cosmetics
Christine E. Nelson--Beauty/Cosmetics
Brittany R. McElveen--Beauty/Cosmetics
Madelin Roman--Beauty/Cosmetics
JoAnn T. Egner--Beauty/Cosmetics
Renae M. Green-Hart--Business
A. Nicole Bell-Foster--Business
Calinda Y. Hicks--Business
Angela T. Hooks--Business
Orangenia R. Lewis--Catering
JoAnn M. Ryan--Civic/Social Organization
Kenia Osorio-Wellington--Cleaning Service
Kristi K. Mays--Cleaning Service
Melinda A. Turk--Cleaning Service
Joanne F. Braccio--Cleaning Service
Tess Tims--Coaching
Cindi L. White--Coaching
Jennifer L. Ressler--Construction/Building
Love McPherson--Consulting
W. Renea Evans-House--Consulting
Ellen G. Feiler--Consulting
Shanthi Murugadass--Consulting
Tania L. Simmons--Consulting
Yvette S. Ghormley--Consulting
Jillian Hansen--Consulting
Ann Hall-Siek--Contracting
Meshia D. Flannigan--Crafting
Ruth A. Scaife--Crafting
Gloria Andela--E-Commerce
Yakira Sudler--E-Commerce
Maia Little--E-Commerce
Kristina Luzzi--E-Commerce
Denise G. Shields--E-Commerce
Ann J. Bartram--E-Commerce
Myrielle Philistin--E-Commerce
Allison Smith--E-Commerce
Tilise Michelle Emile--E-Commerce
Susan A. Rotenberg--Education
Natasha N. Pritchett--Education
Johnna K. Scheuerman--Education
Lisa M. Burnham--Education
Nina Rooks Cast--Education
Cathryne Jordan--Education
Tina M. Santacroce--Education
Aleida Vitolo--Education
Rush C. Rogers--Education
Amanda F. Drenth--Education
Cynthia Waring--Education
Lois Tunstall--Education
Erricka Clark--Education
Amorel V. Sheppard--Education
Debra Simpkins--Education
Suzanne Ferucci--Education
Emily Cassi--Electrical Contractor
Cathy Brown--Embroidery and Screen Printing
Elizabeth "Lizzy" Small--Entertainment
Susan Danglard--Entertainment
Sharon K. Doyle--Entertainment
Nelly Black--Entertainment
Victoria McLean-Callaway--Event Services
Bonnie Waring--Financial Services
Charleta U. McInnis--Financial Services
Ethelyn B. Geiger--Financial Services
Joan O. Zorena--Financial Services
Jacqueline L. Stirkens--Financial Services
Jill W. Tillman--Financial Services
Erica Reed--Financial Services
Avery Alexander--Financial Services
Jessica E. Bankston--Financial Services
Samenia L. Mayer--Floral
Alma M. Callan--Food/Beverages
Wajiyha Muhammad--Food/Beverages
Tregaye Fraser--Food/Beverages
Nadine Alphonse--Food/Beverages
Jacqui Lomont--Food/Beverages
Carmella S. Coqmard--Food/Beverages
Tabitha Joy Smith--Gaming/Casinos
Jeanette I. Taveras--Government
Asia J. Lane--Health Services
Janelle M. Clark--Health Services
Sonia S. Perez--Health Services
Lori Blades--Health Services
Felicia M. Burchett--Health Services
Jessica D. Brake--Health Services
Aitza M. Forde--Health Services
Pamela Jane Kaplan--Health/Fitness
Marcy R. Spaulding--Health/Fitness
Santa Tassone--Healthcare
Carla Moore--Healthcare
Laura A. Rau--Healthcare
Marcella L. Young--Healthcare
Kristle A. Alexander--Healthcare
Tania L. Dewitt--Healthcare
Sandra Boyadjian--Healthcare
Ann Weiss--Healthcare
Eunice Delfa Delfin--Healthcare
Deidre L. Burton--Healthcare
Latoshua J. Joseph--Healthcare
Linda A. Smith--Healthcare
Petergay Dunkley-Mullings--Healthcare
Shohreh Ghasemi--Healthcare
Judith A. Nkematabong--Home Healthcare
Eunice U. Ndu--Home Healthcare
Maribel Harrington--Human Resources/HR
Dolly Chacon--Human Services
Charlotte Bush-Cutts--Human Services
Ana Paula Fernandes--Information Technology/IT
Karen E. Duarte--Insurance
Christina Saavedra--Insurance
Norma L. Potter--Insurance
Bonnie S. Preston--Insurance
Adrienne Woodhull--Insurance
Kimberly Olsen--Insurance
Faye Resnick--Interior Design
Alison P. Steele--Interior Design
Victoria A. Solis--Interior Design
Sondra Burton--Jewelry
Gwen G. Cacciatore--Landscaping
Adriana Cara--Law/Legal Services
Marisol Casilla--Law/Legal Services
Lynn S. Bozalis--Law/Legal Services
Kimberly A. Yelkin--Law/Legal Services
Beth D. Bradley--Law/Legal Services
Gail Price--Law/Legal Services
Dana M. Knight-Reyes--Law/Legal Services
Marianne Kinsella--Law/Legal Services
Rebecca L. Kidder--Law/Legal Services
Wanda Y. Negron--Law/Legal Services
Vicky Ortiz--Library
Emilia Suter--Logistics/Procurement
Janice D. Anderson--Logistics/Procurement
Kimberly F. Whitlock--Manufacturing
Karen D. Brooks--Manufacturing
Jennifer Garza--Manufacturing
Elizabeth D. Williams--Manufacturing
Cibele Y. Aisquith--Marine Upholstery
Danelle L. Heathman--Maritime
Paula Bond--Massage Therapy
Patricia Rogers--Media
Evelyn Yaus--Media
Danni Bruns-McCrary--Media
Leslyn R. Grant--Media
Rita G. Sorenson--Medical Equipment
Nafisah M. Alim--Mental Health Care
Ardis Gregory--Mental Health Care
Paulette Edwards--Mental Health Care
Kinsley-Marissa O'Garrow--Mental Health Care
Giselle V. Ontra--Mental Health Care
Jacquelyne Parker--Ministry
Allyson Siegel--Moving and Storage
Suzan Johnson Cook--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Linda Vallejo--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Donna S. Fields--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Summre L. Sudy--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Pat P. Sorrells--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Shirley R. Dykshoorn--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Dee M. Alschuler--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Grace O. Adeyemo--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Cathy Marshall--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Sandra P. Sacaza--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Damita Jo Goodall--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Tiffany L. Marler--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Gayle M. Carnegie--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Scarlett C. Calderwood--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Marcie McDonald--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Luti A. Stone-Davis--Non-Profit/Volunteering
Beatrice K. Harvey--Nutrition/Wellness
Vanessa M. Hart--Nutrition/Wellness
Edd-Lainia J. Etherly-Muhammad--Nutrition/Wellness
Patricia Daggs--Oil/Gas/Energy/Solar
Catherine O'Neil Pringle--Anthropologist Archeologist
Elizabeth E. Gonzales--Embroidery
Cheryl A. Hayes--Pet Care
Flo Siemsen--Photography
Aneesah S. Perkins--Publishing
Sholeh Shams--Publishing
Tracy L. Burch--Publishing
Latonya S. Gaston--Publishing
Dorris J. Ellis Robinson--Publishing
Roslin A. Berry--Publishing
Caroline P. Camfield--Real Estate
Melissa Murphy Graziosi--Real Estate
Janice Y. Alarhabi--Real Estate
Selena J. Lovely--Real Estate
Sandra Powell--Real Estate
Debora Edwards--Real Estate
Karen Bell--Real Estate
Susan Buchanan--Recreational Services
Misty Speaks--Religion
Christy Rowe--Research & Development
Brooklyn M. Bohannon--Retail Industry
Renee A. Malutic--Retail Industry
Deborah G. Judd--Retail Industry
Mintoria Y. Webb--Staffing/Recruiting
Denise Hayman-Loa--Technology
Mary L. Neal--Transcription
Elizabeth A. Moscak--Transportation
Elizabeth A. Moscak--Transportation
Donna F. Elicke--Transportation
Debbie Huey--Travel
Carole Kracer--Travel
Phyllis Frost-Strain--Veterinary

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