Metro Safety Training Offers Different Levels of Occupational First Aid Courses to Ensure Workplace Safety in British Columbia

Safety training firm in Coquitlam supports the community by providing extensive workplace safety courses to mitigate work-related accidents and deaths.

Metro Safety Training Offers Different Levels of Occupational First Aid Courses to Ensure Workplace Safety in British Columbia
Coquitlam, Canada, August 01, 2020 --( Metro Safety is a company that provides training to workplaces and households in cases of emergencies. Their services include a broad range of training, from first aid courses to workplace safety courses. They’ve been serving their community for the last twelve years and have become a trusted and reputable provider of emergency training services and educate people of workplace safety.

Although Canada does not experience as many workplace accidents and deaths as the neighbouring United States, it’s an issue Canada still needs to deal with. In 2018, there were 1027 workplace-related deaths in Canada, an increase of 76 from 2017. Additionally, 264,438 workers had their claims for workplace injuries accepted, which were also an increase from the previous year.

The current coronavirus pandemic has touched every aspect of society, including the workplace. When the economy was shut down, only essential workers could remain open. Many of these businesses were providing essential goods and services and employed unskilled and manual labor. These are the type of workers who are most liable for injuries in the workplace. With an increase in demand for essential goods and services, many of these workers, who are under unprecedented pressure, can be vulnerable to more work-related injuries.

Metro Safety Training provides workplaces in British Columbia with the necessary first aid training to protect their workers from unnecessary injuries. The company does this through multiple courses. Their signature training is the Occupational First Aid Training, which has multiple levels. These training courses are vital in an emergency, such as a heart attack or significant injury, and could be the difference between life and death. About 40% of Canadians have said that they’re in an emergency where they needed to provide first aid. However, only 18% of Canadians have some first aid training. This underscores the importance of these training courses.

Additionally, Metro Safety Training provides firms with workplace-specific courses. These include forklift training, teaching employees how to drive and manage a forklift properly, Fall Protection Training, for workers involved in the construction or related industries, and confined space training for people who work within confined spaces. Taking these courses could save employees from serious injuries, even death, and help companies avoid medical costs.

A representative from the company has stated, "There is nothing more important in a workplace than safety. The incidents of workplace accidents and injuries in this country are increasing. It’s uncertain what the coronavirus's impact will be on workers in essential businesses. Companies need to be trained in cases of workplace emergencies or accidents. Metro Safety is committed to guiding companies through that process."

Metro Safety Training is based in Coquitlam and offers services in multiple locations throughout British Columbia, including Vancouver and Burnaby. The company is well-reputed within the communities it serves is known for its high-quality training programs.

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Metro Safety Training is a Coquitlam-based workplace safety training company. They help businesses with first aid training and workplace-specific safety training, like Forklift Operating. They have a team of qualified and experienced experts in workplace safety.

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