Local Author Uses Time at Home to Publish Poetry Book

Local author and poet Lori Harvill Moore publishes poetry book during pandemic. "Fragments of Seasons" features poetry in varied forms and covers nearly 40 years of personal exploration.

Local Author Uses Time at Home to Publish Poetry Book
Sacramento, CA, August 24, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Local author and poet Lori Harvill Moore spent two months of the COVID-19 lockdown combing through and pulling together her poetry for publication. "Fragments of Seasons," which covers nearly four decades of personal exploration, is available for sale with a publishing date of Aug. 3. She credits introspection and lack of distraction – side effects of forced isolation – with her ability to complete the project so quickly.

“Poetry is a highly personal art,” said Moore, “and as with painting, it seems everyone has a favorite style.” She explained that for her, poetry is a form of storytelling that she expresses in varied forms: sonnet, free verse, spoken word, and rhyming couplets to name a few. The subjects explored in her poetry are as varied as the forms employed. “I wrote about my children as they were growing up, my favorite poets, and relationships. I particularly enjoy writing Petrarchan sonnets, although most of my work is in free verse.”

Her poetry is written from the point of view of a mother, daughter, wife, and as a corporate employee performing work unrelated to her craft, and contains an abundant amount of imaginative imagery. “I’ve been writing poetry since my teens,” said Moore. “It really is a great way to practice mindfulness, which is especially needed during these times.” She added that the act of writing poetry is akin to a meditation. “You can put yourself in a natural scene by a lake or in a forest if that’s the theme of your poem,” said Moore, “or delve into difficult subjects from a calmer state of mind.”

Standing Bird Press is an imprint of Moore Books, which is owned by Lori Harvill Moore. The publisher’s eventual goal is to help local authors publish poetry and non-fiction books using print on demand technology. As a past member of two poetry groups and a once-frequent open mic night participant, Moore believes that the talented, regional writers – who are not yet published -- deserve a voice and an outlet for their work.
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