AI Drone Company Digital Aerolus Adds Business Resilience Expert to Team

Disaster Recovery and Enterprise Resilience Expert Matt Doernhoefer joins team to support clients deploying UVC disinfection drone. Doernhoefer recently led United Airlines COVID-19 response team.

AI Drone Company Digital Aerolus Adds Business Resilience Expert to Team
Lenexa, KS, August 27, 2020 --( Digital Aerolus is proud to announce the addition of Disaster Recovery and Enterprise Resilience expert Matt Doernhoefer to their team. Doernhoefer has 15 years of experience in business continuity, disaster recovery and response, and management consulting, most recently leading the ground-breaking United Airlines COVID-19 UV-C flight deck development and deployment team. He is coming aboard Digital Aerolus to support enterprise clients using the company’s Aertos 120-UVC drone, the world’s first indoor flying drone utilized for rapid UVC disinfection.

The Aertos 120-UVC’s technology goes places other UV robots can’t, opening the door for any organization to use UVC to help keep their spaces disinfected. The 120-UVC platform is designed for a broad response to all pathogens affecting hospitals, businesses and public areas.

Operational resilience is Matt’s area of expertise, with over 15 years assisting enterprise companies prepare for and react effectively to business disrupting operational disasters. He has experience in numerous industries including aviation, federal and state government, healthcare, and media/entertainment.

“Bringing Matt Doernhoefer’s expertise in resilience and UVC to corporations using our UVC disinfection platform brings additional value to our clients, and will give them peace of mind.”
- Jeff Alholm, CEO Digital Aerolus

According to Matt, the drone technology led him to join the team:

“I was blown away after seeing the Aertos 120-UVC drone during a demo with United Airlines. The agility and capability of the drone is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Pairing it with UVC disinfection will enable companies of all sizes to get access to UVC at a far lower cost than other UV drone solutions."
Digital Aerolus
Michelle Lamar
Aertos 120-UVC Drone in Flight

Aertos 120-UVC Drone in Flight

UVC Drone in flight