Stay Warm and “Nude” This Fall with Whizz

Stay Warm and “Nude” This Fall with Whizz
New York, NY, September 12, 2020 --( After staying at home because of the pandemic for five months, people may now feel depressed, fatigued, or restrained. With the arrival of Fall, citizens are gradually stepping out of your comfort zone, deciding to go outside and look for new changes around the community. At that moment, they may realize that their bodies need something thick and warm but their inner selves just want to break the rule - to be “Nude” or indulgent.

The brand, Whizz, introduced its Fall 2020 Collection this month. The theme for this new collection is “Nude.” The designer team picks “nude” not only because of the trend of neutral colors this season, but also for a deeper meaning - to embrace the diversity of the society; it matches any color, and encourages every woman to shine on her color.

For this collection, the designer team created thirteen new pieces. Texture and quality are still our priorities -- for instance, the team found a special viscose-blended fabric that is breathable and skin-friendly to make their Black Button Up Cardigan to help Whizz customers stay warm and comfortable.

In addition, the team have an exclusive Cotton Blended Suit Set that is soft enough to wear to sleep and also fashionable enough to be worn outside. Whizz guarantees that customers can wear it anytime with any match to any occasion.

For more information, please check out Whizz's official website or contact the team via email.
Vera Zhuang