Hoboken Hospitality Alliance Presents Fetchstr.com & Rescuing Leftover Cuisine to Help Hoboken Restaurants Survive

HoHA Provides New Business and Relief Services to Support the New Jersey Restaurant Community During Second Wave of COVID Pandemic

Hoboken Hospitality Alliance Presents Fetchstr.com & Rescuing Leftover Cuisine to Help Hoboken Restaurants Survive
Hoboken, NJ, November 20, 2020 --(PR.com)-- During this unprecedented time, the world feels anything but normal. Local businesses are struggling to stay open and communities seem more dispersed than ever. Hoboken Hospitality Alliance (HoHA) was founded by group of technology and hospitality leaders like Preston Junger (VP of Operations for 7shifts; leading employee scheduling platform for restaurants). According to Junger, "We started HoHA in 2019 as a networking group and through the pandemic have grown to become synonymous with supporting local restaurant operators, strengthening the hospitality industry and providing resources to Hoboken, Jersey City and the area at large."

"We are now more inclusive of the full community including: Residents, Operators & Vendors who love their local restaurants. Through the pandemic, one thing that we kept hearing was the demand from our Residents and other Operators who wanted to be included in helping our local hospitality community. With the inclusion of joining HoHA through one of these 3 tiers, it helps us know who our local supporters are and will now give us all a voice in aiding in the survival of our favorite food destinations," stated Leigh Wilson (VP of Sales, HUB International) and Co-Founder of HoHa. "If you want to join our mission to help our restaurant community on the Gold Coast, please check out hobokenha .com/join-hoha."

To help meet the needs of the Hoboken and Hudson county restaurants, Hoboken Hospitality Alliance is constantly looking to harness the value of community combined with digital, real-time resources to provide assistance. As such Hoboken Hospitality Alliance is partnering with Fetchstr to bring a new technology to the Hoboken community.

Fetchstr is a space of friends, neighbors and co-workers paying it forward by helping each other get what they need, when they need it. It is focused on helping to build stronger communities by enabling people to give back to other members and support the local establishments they love.

The app works by empowering people to Request and Fetch things for each other. There are no markups to the users and unlike other delivery apps, and there are zero fees charged to the local establishments. The only fee is the Fetch Fee (earnings) which is pre-established by the users before the Fetch ever begins.

A Community that Gives Back: It is a breath of fresh air to the on-demand space, as all other delivery apps are purely transactional. Fetchstr, on the other hand, establishes a community that works together to blur the line between supply and demand. Whenever you're at a local store or establishment, you can simply share your location and alert other members of your local community that you're looking to Fetch.

In Fetchstr's partnership with The Hoboken Hospitality Alliance (HoHA), users will be able to further support their favorite restaurants by donating a percentage of the Fetch Fee (earnings) back to the establishment. Every time you fetch, you help someone in your community, and support local businesses. The app is free to sign up and the donation feature is great for anyone who is passionate about our beloved local establishments.

"We have begun to fast track the expansion of Fetchstr to Hoboken through our partnership with HoHA. We've made this move to respond and cater to people who love their communities in every sense of the way and want to help support it! The rapidly intensifying COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on most economic activity, but the restaurant industry is perhaps taking the biggest blow," said Jarret Alberti, Founder of Fetchstr.

The pilot will begin early Fall in time for when people's summer plans come to a close. Together with Hoboken Hospitality Alliance co-founders Leigh Wilson and Preston Junger, Fetchstr hopes that people who use Fetchstr will be able to support local businesses and make a more meaningful connection with the city of Hoboken and from wherever they call home.

"These are uncertain times and Fetchstr is here to help bring the Hoboken community together. Fetchstr is a great way for New Jersey residents to get what they need, earn some money and support their favorite restaurants in a more meaningful way," Jarret Alberti, Founder of Fetchstr.

In addition to the partnership with Fetchstr, Hoboken Hospitality Alliance is also partnering with the New Jersey branch of Rescuing Leftover Cuisine ("RLC NJ") to reduce food waste and food insecurity in Hoboken and Jersey City. RLC NJ is a food rescue nonprofit that partners with food retailers so that they can donate their perfectly good surplus food instead of disposing of it or having it go to waste. RLC NJ volunteers pick up the food donations and deliver the donations directly to human service agencies that can benefit from food assistance. Currently, as RLC NJ expands into Hoboken, the organization is looking for community members who can help deliver the food donations as volunteers and food retailers who would like to donate their surplus food. Further information can be found on their website below. (At the time of this release discussions of a potential partnership between Fetchstr and RLC NJ are also underway).

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine aims to become the world's most widely used solution for companies and individuals to eliminate food waste in their communities, making food rescue sustainable and universal, and food hunger a thing of the past. Working together, we can ensure that only hunger is left behind.

Hoboken Hospitality Alliance is focused on supporting restaurant owners and operators allowing residents, vendors and operators alike to get involved in various ways to strengthen the community. "Especially during the downturn as a result of the global pandemic, we are extremely grateful to be able to work with Jarret and the Fetchstr team to bring this great new technology service to Hoboken," responded Hoboken Director Adam Smith. "Furthermore, partnering with high-impact organizations like the Recovering Leftover Cuisine team, we can stay true to our altruistic mission to serve local restaurant providers, ensuring that any food they prepare that is not sold will go to those in need."
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