Spending Over 8 Years in Research, Bixahuman Develops a Range of Annatto-Based Supplements

Borrowing centuries-old knowledge, Bixahuman Pharmaceuticals has spent nearly a decade researching ancient medicinal practices.

Spending Over 8 Years in Research, Bixahuman Develops a Range of Annatto-Based Supplements
Piscataway, NJ, December 03, 2020 --(PR.com)-- With more and more research, scientists and practitioners are beginning to see the value in ancient and traditional medicine and healing practices.

Modern medicine or strictly western-imperialist traditions of medicine replaced all indigenous knowledge over the past few centuries, becoming the norm and being seen as the mainstream. However, even today, cultures that originate from or practice indigenous forms of living, healing, nourishment, and more, depending on herbal and plant-based medication.

These include the use of annatto, a herb derived from the seeds of the achiote tree, also known as the Bixa Orellana. This tree is also where the company Bixahuman gets its name from.

They have dedicated years of research into developing a range of supplements that help manage and treat various conditions, including deficiencies, pains, and inflammation, through powerful ingredients such as annatto. A powerful antioxidant, annatto, has long been used for its healing properties, as well as its anti-inflammatory abilities.

Commonly used in food, medicine, for color and cosmetics, this powerful herb has been central to South American and South Asian healing practices, including Mayan and Inca cultures.

Creating this line of supplements did not come easily to the company, which has dedicated over 8 years of intense research in developing them. Working with a team of six specialists from various professions, including a psychologist, a medical practitioner, a naturopath, and a historian, the lab is one of the first to create original formulas.

The CEO and founder of the company, Aura Castro, talked about her company’s use of annatto, saying:
“For centuries, indigenous folk have relied on herbs and plants like annatto, including my own ancestors. Channeling her Taino roots, I have seen my own great grandmother combine powerful herbs to create formulas that have healed people from my hometown for years. There is a lot to learn and understand the way these herbs work, and we at Bixahuman are committed to bringing them to the mainstream. This is why we have spent years developing safe, effective, and original formulas for our herbal supplements.”

The company has made their process and story transparent on their website, as well as talking extensively about their formulations and ingredients, to help clients and consumers make informed choices about these herbal supplements.

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As one of the primary suppliers of 100% herbal supplements, Bixahuman Pharmaceuticals offers a wide array of formulas to choose from. Using ancient herbal remedies and blends, the company draws in Mayan, Incan, and other indigenous cultures.

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