Eric J. Dalius, a Marketing Expert with a Heart of Gold, Helps US-Based Students Reduce Their Tuition Burdens

Eric J Dalius, the renowned entrepreneur and marketing guru, principal behind several successful ventures, has been graced with both personal and financial success. He carries with him the rare talent...a dreamer who consistently achieves concrete financial results.

Eric J. Dalius, a Marketing Expert with a Heart of Gold, Helps US-Based Students Reduce Their Tuition Burdens
Miami, FL, December 22, 2020 --( With his goal of making the world a better place, he has dedicated himself to providing much needed funds to deserving students. The goal of course is to discover, as well as interact with special individual. To provide opportunities that do not otherwise exist. He personally knows the financial challenge that many hardworking students face in the United States, and how much more difficult it becomes as a result to accomplish their chosen life goals. These facts are the impetus behind the Grant he has established, with the goal of providing much needed funds to students, so they can continue to pursue higher education. The result of all these activities and interests is the “Eric Dalius Grant.” Quite simply, the Grant has been founded to help deserving students defray the high cost of University tuition for students attending accredited Universities around the United States.

CORE - Brainchild of a remarkable entrepreneur

In 2002, Eric Dalius exited his comfort zone to seek fresh business ideas and opportunities. His passions led to the launch of CORE (Cash Out Real Estate). This highly profitable venture crossed the $10,000,000 in revenues line in a very short period of time. CORE allowed him to spread knowledge to people desiring to learn the secrets behind profitable real estate property investing.

Eric J Dalius - The Marketing expert with a Philanthropic heart

A Marketing degree from Penn State University, along with hard work and achievement helped Eric create and managed several business ventures. These results are there for all to see, with successes he could not have imagined as a young man. His years of dedication helped gain him the grudging respect of both peers and competitors alike. The Eric Dalius Grant loudly displays Eric’s philanthropic heart. It displays his high integrity. It displays that he is a man of his word. He now wants others to achieve the same opportunities and successes he has been able to attain.

That Eric Dalius’ life has been filled with success is no accident to those who have known him longest. For he has always been the man people sought out for answers to issues both small and large. Therefore, it was of no surprise that he chose the wide open opportunities of a career in Marketing. He has always carried his Marketing prowess proudly. He now proudly has shifted direction, finding joy as a budding philanthropist. His immense drive, always on display, is moving him quickly in this new direction quickly. In the infancy of his new passion, he has come to know many students faced with seemingly impossible financial challenges. This is why scholarship has become his chosen philanthropic pursuit. His dream is to help budding entrepreneurs dream, to make certain they do not give up for financial reasons. So, while tuition costs continue to rise at an alarming pace, he is committed to help. Eric Dalius is ready to help as many young talented students as possible bear financial constraints and make certain that a degree is attainable. To apply for the Grant, students must be a high school graduate soon to attend university as a freshman, an undergraduate, a graduate, and/or post-graduate. Awards will only be given to those attending American accredited colleges and/or Universities.

Understanding the grant instructions

Students who seek to apply for the Eric Dalius Grant must submit an essay on the following topic “Funding Challenges Faced by an Entrepreneur and How to Overcome Them.”

The essay must contain approximately 800 words. All applicants must submit their completed essays with all required information (see below) to

2021 Grant winner:
- All applicants must submit the essay by April 1, 2021
- The winner of the scholarship grant will be declared on April 15, 2021.
- The award winner will receive $1000, paid directly into their financial aid account.

The following details must be submitted via email:

First/Last Name:
Contact Number:
Mailing Address:
Email Address:
University Name:
Date of Graduation (YYYY.MM.DD):
Current GPA:

Grant winner selection procedure

After selection, the Grant winner will receive an email update regarding certification. The name of the awardee will be published on Applicants should make certain to follow accurately follow submission requirements.

In sum, through his position of having attained great personal and financial success, marketing expert Eric J Dalius has chosen to give back. His chosen field of philanthropy is to help United States students facing educational uncertainty due to financial constraints. He wants to play his part by providing grants to those in need of assistance. He wants to impart his own talents to similarly talented young men and women, the next generation of marketing leaders.
Eric Dalius Grant
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