Four Ways to IT Gateways: Venkat Guntipally Reveals Unconventional Tips to Become an IT Expert

Fremont, CA, January 03, 2021 --( In an online weekly podcast, Venkat Guntipally shared his technical tips exclusively for aspiring IT professionals. Being an expert in product development, web architectures, SaaS, and System integration, Venkat Guntipally shared some self-tested noteworthy solutions learnt through his experience of more than a decade in IT sector.

Venkat Guntipally is a dynamically skilled and impeccable IT professional who is serving as a scrum master at AT& T Labs Inc, the US. Having an experience of 20 years in Information Technology field, Venkat Guntipally has served in fields of software development and web architectures. He has successfully executed software development projects in the financial, human resources, and healthcare industries.

Learn and Relearn

For an IT programmer, one of the most important factors which make an individual an expert in this field is to be updated about one’s niche. As a programmer, one must be aware of the recent changes in the technological world. Venkat Guntipally states:

“The day you think that you know everything about this rapidly-changing industry, your downfall starts. You must keep upgrading your skills by joining good learning programs and be aware of the recent product launches in your field.”

Improve Interpersonal Skills

It is no doubt that the industry needs skilled software engineers but nobody likes to work with unlikeable or dull people. Interpersonal skills are as important as technical skills. Be more humble and candid in your approach. Venkat shares that good interpersonal skills helped him to perform better at organizations with multicultural backgrounds.

Never Lose an Opportunity

According to Venkat Guntipally if the opportunity doesn’t knock at one’s door then an individual should build another door. Make sure to not miss any opportunity easily. Grab all the possible tactics to make better use of opportunities in the technical world. Venkat shares that for working as a Technical Lead, it is important to identify the needs of the IT infrastructure and take every opportunity to execute software projects.

Gain specialization

Since a man is capable of doing only one thing well, Venkat guides his followers to specialize in their niche. Messing up with multiple niches at one time will be sheer wastage of time. In IT industry expertise is just a matter of learning new things daily. In fact, one should not stop the process of learning and relearning even after becoming an expert.

As Venkat’s career progressed in the field of IT, he continued to gain specialization in various fields of web architectures, product development, research and troubleshooting, off-shore team management, system integration, and SaaS. Venkat Guntipally has served on the roles of Technical Lead, Technical Project Manager, and Iteration Manager in multinational companies and most recently as a Scrum Master at AT&T Labs Inc.

As a Scrum Master, Venkat Guntipally promotes a sense of community by leading the organization most humbly. He is a living example of servant leadership who not only prevents the team from failure but motivates the team members to believe that they can troubleshoot their problems on their own. With his exceptional skills at project planning, Process improvement & Controls, and multi-tasking ability, Venkat proved his mettle wherever he worked around the world.

About Venkat Guntipally

Venkat Guntipally has most recently served as a Scrum Master in AT&T Labs, US. A Masters in Technology from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India, Venkat started his career as a Software Engineer. He is dynamically specialized in .Net, Java, SaaS, and web-based enterprise solutions. His expertise in product development, Systems Integration, Customer management, and offshore team management is unmatchable to any IT expert we know.
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