Ether-1 Network Shows Large Increase in Mining Hashrate as Project is Mentioned in Forbes Article and Older GPU Ethereum Miners Start Joining Network

Silicon Valley, CA, January 08, 2021 --( The Ether-1 Network ( recently showed a large increase in mining hashrate as the project and founder were interviewed in a recent writeup about the broader crypto environment. Unlike Ethereum, The Ether-1 Network still supports mining with older GPUs, so Ethereum miners are beginning to transition to alternate blockchains like Ether-1 as they are pushed out of the Ethereum Network.

Ether-1 is a unique blockchain project in that it specializes in a decentralized file storage and web hosting platform called ethoFS ( According to James Reilly, the projects founder, "this decentralized platform allows coin holders to store immutable and anonymous data utilizing the Ether-1 Node Network offering a decentralized alternative to a world in desperate need of truth, transparency and anonymity."

Decentralized platforms like this will be the forefront of the burgeoning blockchain industry going forward as more people experience the wrath of big media censorship. The Ether-1 Node Network also allows coin holders the ability to stake their coins ( or run an ethoFS node of their own ( in order to benefit from revenue generated by decentralized data hosting contracts.

About Ether-1

The Ether-1 Project is an open-source community-based effort to bring the decentralized and anti-censorship movement to hosted data using the ethoFS website and data hosting platform. Ether-1 is powered by it's own cryptocurrency ticker symbol (ETHO) and can be found on,, Polarity.Exchange and other leading exchanges.
Ethan Van Ballegooyen
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