Nick Herle’s Heli Aviation Offers Disaster Relief and Powerline Inspections

The chief pilot and founder of Heli Aviation has helped aid many crisis zones with their helicopter services.

Nick Herle’s Heli Aviation Offers Disaster Relief and Powerline Inspections
Tampa, FL, January 29, 2021 --( Emergencies require all hands on deck to be dealt with in the least amount of time possible. Aerial and on-ground operators need to be present for disaster relief, man-hunts and thorough inspections.

To provide prompt helicopter assistance, Heli Aviation’s founder, Nicki Herle, has been offering various emergency services with the aid of his institute’s fleet of helicopters. Heli Aviation, a Florida based helicopter service and flight training academy, offers disaster relief and powerline inspections to provide teams with an aerial view during a moment of crisis.

Through their disaster relief services, the company helps distribute food, medicine, and other essentials safely to disaster-struck areas. Heli Aviation partners with federal agencies such as USAID to deliver supplies promptly to victims. Alongside partnering with organizations, the aviation institute also works closely with commercial businesses to provide thorough powerline inspections.

Powerline inspections are crucial for businesses that require help with managing energy transfer systems. The aerial inspection covers large areas to inspect in less time and has no restrictions in places such as property lines or rocky terrains. When asked to elaborate further on the services, a representative for the company said, “Our powerline inspections are one of the most sought-after services by commercial businesses, because of its ease and efficiency. We use a Thermal Camera System during aerial patrolling that reviews any influx in the energy transfer system. Our services help eliminate any failures or malfunctions present in the distribution and transmission system, which could negatively affect many of the main systems.”

Nick Herle has been awarded the Presidential Letter of Appreciation, signed by Donald Trump, for his disaster relief efforts and sizable donation during Hurricane Matthew, which hit Haiti in 2017.

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Nick Herle is a chief pilot and founder of Florida based helicopter service provider and flight training academy, Heli Aviation. He works extensively with emergency crisis aversion with his crew through donations and helicopter rescue missions.

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