Children's Author Carla Martilotti Announces Broad European Distribution

Publishing Agent Glenn Pearson announces greater European distribution for Ms. Martilotti's many books.

Children's Author Carla Martilotti Announces Broad European Distribution
Miami, FL, February 16, 2021 --( Renowned publishing agent Glenn Pearson announced today that the books authored by one of his most prestigious clients are reaching an even wider distribution channel throughout Europe.

Pearson said that children's book author Carla Martilotti's dozen-or-so books are in high demand throughout European book-selling channels, and that the distribution process is being expanded throughout new countries where the demand for such books is high.

"When it comes to children's books, Carla's have always been high on must-read lists, no matter what the country," Pearson said from his Miami office Saturday. "And we're seeing quite an upkick in orders coming from all over Europe, so we naturally have to begin filling those new niches and making sure that the readers get what they want."

Ms. Martilotti has been distributing her children's books through Amazon and their associated online book vendors, and even more requests are coming in from new online vendors whose readers want to purchase her books.

"It's amazing how word of mouth sells books," Pearson said, laughing. "And her reviews have been nothing but five stars. People like what they're reading; they like old-fashioned stories that teach lessons, morals, being a good person, what a good friend is all about, telling the truth. Most parents, no matter what the country, are sick and tired of violent books that send children the wrong message, that it's okay to hurt people and break things without there being any consequences. Parents have had enough, and the demand for her books is testament to that."

Pearson said that the wider distribution channels will obviously mean more exposure to books that teach values while telling a wonderful story.

"Carla has been writing her books now for more than 30 years, and the proof of her success is right there," Pearson said. "You don't last that long in the publishing business unless people are buying what you're selling and liking what you're writing. It's easy math!"

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