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Superior Fence & Rail Celebrates Multi-Market Expansion in the Gulf Coast and Atlanta

Superior Fence & Rail is pleased to announce the expansion of two franchise units to become the system’s first multi-unit operators.

Superior Fence & Rail Celebrates Multi-Market Expansion in the Gulf Coast and Atlanta
Jacksonville, FL, March 05, 2021 --( Superior Fence & Rail franchise owners have confidence that the organization will help them grow and scale their business, through operational growth and ultimately through unit expansion if so desired. The Superior Fence & Rail Pensacola and Raleigh teams are expanding their enterprises to ownership in two new markets for the franchise organization. Pensacola’s owners opened their new location, North Shore (Louisiana) in February, and Raleigh is following close behind in April, with Superior Fence & Rail of Atlanta.

Why are these new multi-franchise ventures important?

From the perspective of the company founder, Zach Peyton, these are not only progressive leaps forward for the Superior Fence & Rail brand, but a testament to a franchise model that works. When speaking about the multi-franchise expansions, Zach reflects, “The fact that these two teams are expanding into second markets so soon means that the tools and processes we are providing to them are enabling them a level of success that Chris and I would have never imagined when we got started.” Both the Raleigh and Pensacola franchises opened in 2019. Within two years, the franchisees have established such great footing they are ready to move on to owning multiple locations. For these franchise owners, success has come quickly. Through hard work, client-focused support, and with no lack of vision, Pensacola and Raleigh owners are blazing a trail at Superior Fence & Rail. Zach adds, “Ralph and Dustin in Pensacola have worked tirelessly to scale all their teams and early on maintained a 100% customer online approval rating. Mike in Raleigh has leveraged his business and franchise experience to build an impressive team that has consistently been our highest selling office.”

Time and experience have Pensacola and North Shore owners primed to grow their fence franchise.

Superior Fence & Rail Pensacola owners Ralph and Dustin both began their journey as employees. They met on the job in 2013, formed a friendship, and turned that friendship into a business partnership six years later. A mere two years after opening Pensacola, they believe that success is theirs for the taking – again. While there are understandably obstacles surrounding opening any new business, they strongly believe in the Superior Fence & Rail franchising system and company support. Ralph says, “We have a winning team with Zach and Chris, and all the franchise owners.” With one location already established, they have a baseline for every facet of opening a new location, plus the ability to train locally. They note, “We can train our installation team, sales team, production team, and office staff all in-house. That will streamline our productivity right out of the gate.”

The Raleigh and Atlanta franchising team’s combined expertise has been a proven formula for success for their fence company.

Owners Michael and Bobby are equally stoked to further their success with Superior Fence & Rail. Bobby explains that the team had expansion into multiple markets in mind when they opened their Raleigh location: “As a partner group, our long-term goal from the onset of our relationship with Superior Fence & Rail was to scale the business beyond the Raleigh area.” Success in the Raleigh market has been the barometer for taking the leap to Atlanta. Additionally, it takes a true understanding of each partner’s strengths in business to formulate success. Bobby says, “Our operational partner spent quite a bit of sweat equity learning the business, fine tuning operational capabilities and developing a team culture that aligns with the greater SFR franchise mission.” Adding, “We’ve leaned on Michael’s past experience running a franchise business and software organization to achieve success during a very challenging time.” Echoing Pensacola and North Shore franchisees’ belief in Superior Fence & Rail ownership, this franchise team believes their success will come from “experiences learned from running Raleigh and from our greater franchise partnership with Zach and his team.”

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