Details Regarding the Next Eric Dalius Grant Will be Released on May 10, 2021 Eastern Time

What Eric Dalius most enjoys most is the process of “paying it forward.” That said, he is very happy to announce that full details of the next Eric Dalius Grant award will be made on May 10, 2021 at 11:00 AM, Eastern time.

Details Regarding the Next Eric Dalius Grant Will be Released on May 10, 2021 Eastern Time
Miami, FL, April 30, 2021 --( Traditionally, the Eric Dalius Grant has been made to students needing and deserving of tuition assistance. It is Eric’s goal to continue helping bright students increase their potential for success as they graduate and move into careers in the corporate world, and/or into entrepreneurial pursuits. The Eric Dalius Grant will continue to support this initiative by providing assistance that may not otherwise exist.

An excellent example of Mr. Dalius’ intense focus when he finds passion in a venture can be clearly seen in his "CORE" initiative. CORE was just one of his many successful ventures, founded during his long career. While other entrepreneurs of the day held their visions close, Eric saw a better way. So, like all young entrepreneurs see today as standard, Eric saw the promise of collaboration. He took advantage of this instinct, and freely shared his ideas and knowledge far and wide, to the benefit of himself, and those around him.

Graduating with a degree in Marketing in 1992 from Penn State University, Eric Dalius had already gained the respect of his peers, and professors. After graduating, he joined telecom giant MCI, where he became one of the company’s top client acquisition specialists, all within one year. If you trace the trajectory of Eric’s career, you will find similar successes.

With the next Eric Dalius Grant, Mr. Dalius aims to once again share his knowledge, integrity, and joy of philanthropy. He is as always, committed to helping, and plans to make the sometimes elusive, ever important college degree as attainable as possible.

To apply for the Grant, a student must currently attend a United States based accredited college and/or university as a freshman, sophomore, or junior.

Through his position of having attained great personal and financial success, Eric Dalius continues to give back. His chosen field of philanthropy helps United States students facing educational uncertainty due to financial constraints.

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