PixelPlex Continues Growing Its Pool of Services with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Development

PixelPlex helps contributors who tokenize assets to access the DeFi market, redefining how the creation and funding of property are done.

New York, NY, June 27, 2021 --(PR.com)-- PixelPlex, a global leader in blockchain technology development solutions, has announced an update on its Non-Fungible Token Development service. NFT digital tokens help to prove the ownership and authenticity of a digital asset in any form. They range from music offerings to art in a new way of buying, selling, and collecting digital assets.

PixelPlex has a long history offering blockchain solutions, and they have perfected creating multi-purpose NFTs and ecosystems for their promotion, growth and maintenance. With NFT development, PixelPlex can build a digital representation for all kinds of tailor-made collections to a specific client’s needs. Furthermore, they help clients with listings and offer continuous tech support. In addition to building a physical representation, they also develop NFT marketplaces, wallets and trading platforms.

Alexei Dulub, the CEO at PixelPlex, says that the growing demand for better marketplaces has inspired them to continue providing clients with a secure way to participate in the market and expand their collections. “In building non-fungible tokens that can’t be replicated, we are thrusting clients into new markets. We aid them in capitalizing on the expanse of available opportunities while making the enterprise process simpler,” he said.

Some of the industry-specific NFTs by PixelPlex include digital arts, which enhance monetization capacity, proof of ownership and value, and flawless auction enablement. They also develop fashion, sports, gaming, real estate, and media and entertainment NFTs. In addition, because the company has extensive knowledge in blockchain technology, their Non-Fungible Token development involves combining Binance, Ethereum, and Flow blockchain technologies. PixelPlex has developed globally recognized NFTs. They include Digitalax fashion marketplace, Duels mobile arcade game, Hancom real estate STO, Obito for tokenizing digital assets, and Blue Karma Resorts STO, a custom tokenization platform for an Indonesian resort group.

For the company to build custom software for each client, the process involves learning about a specific client’s business and needs, creating a prototype and testing the platform, and market launch and support. Non-fungible tokens have already transformed digital communications. PixelPlex welcomes clients with a free consultation session to learn how they can boost their businesses with NFTs.

About PixelPlex

PixelPlex is an established company with a rich history of building blockchain technology solutions for clients. They also offer various development and consultation solutions in AI, ML, IoT, VR/AR, web and mobile apps.
Alexei Dulub