Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication Announces Their Newest Members

Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication Announces Their Newest Members
Farmingdale, NY, July 20, 2021 --( Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide of Farmingdale, New York is proud to announce their newest members who will be included in their next edition for their contributions and high level of success in the many fields listed.

About Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide's Newest Members
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is pleased to announce their newest members who are now part of the Strathmore Worldwide Directory and online website:

C. Michael Simms--Transportation
JoAnn Sweet--Wellness Products
Vera K. McKelley--Education
Dawn M. Dowd--Food
Timothy L. Bentley--Author
Marva L. Barnett-Suggs--Education
Emily Suzanne Clemons--Pet Grooming
Giovanna F. Hamilton--Education
Christopher D. Jennings--Healthcare
Dave Fross--Education
Martina C. Rohrback--Recruiting
Dante L. Rachal--Transportation
Jageet T. Singh--Real Estate/Mortgages
Joevon Barnes--Plumbing
Constance M. Achu--Healthcare
Ashley N. Grimes--Construction
Benessa L. Harrison--Cleaning
Lashondra Graves--Housing
Bonnie Louise Adams--Insurance
Erin J. Recek--Food
Chinyelu B. Talley--E-Commerce
Robin L. Hicks-Robinson--Aviation
Kenneth W. Laufer--Music
Echo Graham--Retail
Michael P. Scyoc--Business Consulting/E-Commerce/Retail
Carl C. Miller Jr.--Electrical
Larry D. Broadnax--Janitorial
Katrina C. Lucero--Retail/Home Improvement Products
LaShaun L. Harris--Retail/Jewelry
Erin B. Ozinsky--Beauty
Bridgette D. Fuselier--Medical
Tanishia N. Jones--Insurance
David I. McDowell Jr.--Recreation
John A. Spears--Education
Djuan M. Johnson--Entertainment
Semetrius N. Henderson--Beauty
Darilyn L. Selders--Healthcare
Kevin T. Martin--Carpentry
David S. Haliburton--Financial
Mark A. Pfister--Consulting
Cathy R. Otts--Healthcare
Angela Johnson--Human Services
Aubrey A. Perreault--Construction
Dominique J. Johnson--Publishing
Pam D. Chatman--Transportation
Robin A. Dahl--Electrical
Martha Hannigan--Nonprofit
Tamboura L. Little--Government/Corrections
Danny E. DeJesus--Healthcare
Tina M. Chambers--Healthcare
Patricia A. Dixon--Chemicals
Debra McGarvey--Beauty
Jalisa S. Ball--Cleaning
Tania B. Kahre--Insurance/Bail Bonds
John A. Corbellini--Life Coaching
Stephanie M. Lesch--Healthcare
Pedro J. Perez--Healthcare
Kharin L. Mackey--Wellness Products
Vera F. Parker--Mental Health
Miriam Spector--Education
Jacobie R. Batiste--Entertainment
Julie A. Prato--Education
Terri L. Catanzarito--Healthcare
Alexandra Rosetta Swinger--Food
Adriana Brunga--Publishing
Theodora Agbozo--Cleaning
Monica D.S. Griffis--Business Service
Mary Manning--Art
Wallace Gator Bradley--Consulting/Public Safety/Advocacy
Volita R. Biscoe-Almon--Education
Drake L. Seraski--Information Technology/Repair
Malvester Dixon Jr.--Real Estate
Brenda B. Singleton--Nonprofit
Kai T. Canada-King--Music
Jeffrey J. Hessmiller--Video Documentation
Joan S. Tancer--Legal
Tina M. Lowe--Author
Paris S. Russell--Healthcare
Shoyla C. Bryant--Education
Mitchell J. Kerman--Accounting
Katie E. Graham--Consulting
James G. Pressley Jr.--Law
Jeanie Kise--Beauty
Randy L. Hodges--Government
Johnpaul Stiffler--Construction
Junetta D. Slaughter Cotton--Education
Samantha Michelle Williams--Gaming
Asmita Dharia--Dentistry
Charles N. Weaver Jr.--Spirits
Roseanne Yorio--Healthcare
Dionah N. Robinson--Modeling Agency
Letlanva Hawkins--Security
J. Fred Huther--Event Production
Ruby J. Stockdale--Staffing
Farrell Kent Fowler--Religion
Daniel L. Mills--Elevators
Roger L. Reed--Ministry
Jon Planas--Art
Tana L. Berberette--Home Improvement
Jesse Engel--Beverages
Sam J. Hunt--Inventing
Valerie J.H. Cherry--IT/Engineering
Crystal D. Nichols--Education
Jon H. Cone Sr.--Government
Peter Xaysanasy--Medical Devices
Amy Estes--Pharmaceuticals
Annette B. Miller--Beauty
Monica Y. Smith--Healthcare
Hemish S. Kapadia--Accounting
Caroline G. Musser--Healthcare
Paul Y. Sinnatuah--Nonprofit
Jeronimo Martinez--Pet Food
Carla Underwood--Real Estate
Irma L. Hampton--Financial Service
Bogdan Nicolae Groza--Publishing
Felicia K. Enos--Social Services
Sonia M. Church--Government/Military
Joan M. McGovern--Education
Amber C. Story--Automotive Repair
Leilani S. Haynes--Cleaning
Charles Jett--Metal Fabrication
Helen A. Kiker--Publishing
Tanya E. Partin Lawton--Community Service
Brandon A. Goode--Entertainment
Dagmar F. Melo--Education
Marlon A. Walker--Music Production
Aubrey C.H. Brown Jr.--Religion
Luis R. Arenas--Grocery
Stephen Garner--Home Improvement
Margaret S. Wright--Retail/Pharmacy
Matthias B. Walcott--Religion
Paul F. Morse--Construction/Carpentry
Jessica E. Dooley--Business Service
Charles L. Jinkins--Automotive
Lakurt D. Harris--Motivational Speaking
Victoria Pridgen--Music Production
Lindsey N. Crockom--Real Estate
Adeline Prinston--Healthcare
Joyce L. Wright--Coaching
Zakaria Banamar--Automotive
Joenathan Prince, Jr.--Healthcare
Hazel Milligan--Consulting
Martha Jones--Healthcare
Fred L. Hensley--Hydraulics
Jennifer J. Demko--Staffing
Laura Lubin--Education
Malkyua R. Stefin--Author
Shalon N. Chester--Travel
Kerri A. Pologruto-Barchiesi--Government/Corrections
Dawud Muhammad--Entertainment
Martha M. Gore--Healthcare
Rebecca C. Rangel-Bryand--Education
Daniel J. Coleman--Music Education
Lillian R. Galindo--Retail
John M. Hovanec--Agriculture
Deborah M. Atkinson--Wellness
April Rose Sixsmith--Fashion
Arnold E. Stallings--Nonprofit
Jeronda S. Dubose--Retail/Art
Lupe A. Hernandez--Logistics
Dawn M. Moore--Veterinary
Natasha D'Anna--Consulting
Julie A. Stern--Music Composition
Renee J. Hewitt--Healthcare
Robert L. Woods--Education
Courtney T. Stinnett--Author
Rayonna S. Walker--Healthcare
April Lynn Maston--Healthcare

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