Dr. Justice E. Obi Honored as a VIP Member for 2021 by Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication

Dr. Justice E. Obi Honored as a VIP Member for 2021 by Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication
Brooklyn, NY, August 18, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Dr. Justice E. Obi of Brooklyn, New York has been honored as a VIP Member for 2021 by Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide for his outstanding contributions and achievements in the fields of Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

About Dr. Justice E. Obi
Dr. Justice Obi is a doctor and pharmacist at Graceland Biochemical Technology International LLC which provides biotechnology services and pharmaceutical services in Brooklyn, New York and internationally. It is minority owned business. Dr. Obi is a general practitioner specializing in pharmaceutical compounding of different drug combinations to see if they treat specific diseases including cancers and STD's, all of which are associated with HPV genesis.

Dr. Obi made the impossible possible by discovering the ultimate cure to the unthinkable and indescribable disease of HPV genesis in reference to genital warts and high risk HPV which, if left untreated, will definitely bud into full blown cervical cancer among other gynecological cancers. HPV is a worse enemy to women than men when it comes to conjugal relationships.

Dr. Justice Obi is certified by the NIH through his Pilot study from 2012-2014 and is certified by the Feinstein Institute of Medical Research. He received a Patent in 2017 for obinaquine gel for genital warts (HPV) and obinaquine gel solution for vaginal douche (HPV).

Born April 27, 1948, Justice obtained a B.S. from Texas Southern University in 1976 and a M.D. from the University of Juarez Medical School in 1986. He is a Registered Pharmacist in New York, New Jersey, and Texas. In his spare time, Justice enjoys playing soccer, basketball, compounding drugs, and inventing.

Dr. Obi states, “This is a significant medical breakthrough innovation that happens once in a century. It is a discovery that eluded mankind for centuries in which the medical need was unmet hitherto. The good news is that now HPV infections are treatable, curable, and preventable. All in all, when you take away the cause of a disease, the effect will cease to exist in our body.”

“Dr. Obi's discovery ranks as the top unknown medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical discovery in the world. It needs to be commercialized to save the many hundreds of thousands of lives, ultimately even more, that it can save worldwide, and the approximately 5,000 lives it will save in the U.S. every year. I give this discovery my full endorsement: scientifically and morally, it must be pursued.” - James K. Bashkin, D. Phil., Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Missouri - St. Louis

"Based on my experience with running in vivo and ex vivo HPV assays in the last 10 years, it is my opinion that the claimed topical treatment is a potential game changer in the market. The efficacy of the topical treatment should have a very positive effect by curbing the current national and global epidemic/pandemic of HPV infections." - Dr. Thomas R. Broker, PhD, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Alabama at Birmingham

For further information, contact www.realgenitalwarthpvcure.com and www.realhpvcure.com.

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