Goldenberry Farms™ Now Exporting New "Premium Select" Grade Goldenberries to Canada

A larger size and juicier flavor profile make this berry a standout in the category.

Goldenberry Farms™ Now Exporting New "Premium Select" Grade Goldenberries to Canada
Miami, FL, August 25, 2021 --( After research, consumer, and field trials, Goldenberry Farms™ has announced the commercial availability of their non-GMO “Premium Select Goldenberries™.”

Hand-picked, and packed on site for peak freshness, the berry is larger and with more flavor than the traditional “goldenberries” or “cape gooseberries” available today.

Premium Select Goldenberries™ by Goldenberry Farms™ range in size from 22-28mm, in comparison with the standard commercial size of 12-19mm, and offers a tropically-sweet flavor profile with soft notes of pineapple and strawberry.

In addition, Goldenberry Farms™ continues to offer its farm-fresh berries in 125g, 170g, and 200g, sizes, as well as food service pack options. The company maintains Global GAP and Global GRASP certifications and uses technology to help minimize environmental footprints.

Goldenberry Farms™ Director of Agronomy Santiago Cordoba commented, “We are very happy to be offering innovation with our produce products. Although Goldenberry Farms™ offers several fruits, we see a special potential in the Goldenberry. It’s really a fruit with many health benefits and great consumer potential. We are working hard to develop and grow varieties of fruit with great taste and nutritional flavor profile, and my feeling is that our Premium Goldenberries do just that.”

Goldenberry Farms™ exports globally to most commercial markets. A limited launch of the Premium Select Grade, by Goldenberry Farms™ is now available via air to select North American markets, Europe, and Asia, with expanding availability for 2022.

Goldenberry Farms™ offers a complete lineup of premium tropical fruit.

About The Goldenberry
Although relatively new to the commercial fruit market, Goldenberries have a history dating back to ancient times. The fruit has been touted for it’s impressive anti-oxidant levels and nutritional content, and is making a resurgence as consumers increase their preference for healthier and foods with potential immune-boosting properties. The tart and tropical flavor profile pairs easily with other foods to create a variety of award-winning and innovative recipes, or can be enjoyed as a snack right from the shelf.
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