VentiSwap, New Cross-Blockchain Decentralized Finance Exchange Platform, to Launch in Fourth Quarter 2021

Cross-Blockchain DeFi Exchange Featuring Real-Time Charts, Assets Wallet and Much More, All on One Platform

San Diego, CA, September 01, 2021 --( VentiSwap ( is a groundbreaking cross-blockchain DEX (Decentralized Finance Exchange). The VentiSwap platform will facilitate trade, purchase and swapping of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Polygon, BNB, Tron, Solana and many other blockchains. A seed sale for the VentiSwap Token will be available before the initial coin offering (ICO). Seed sale for interested investors will begin 09/03/2021 through the VentiSwap website.

Created by a forward driven team, the VentiSwap DEX Aggregation platform gives users the luxury of integrating other blockchain platforms to maximize trading exchanges via a user-friendly interface. “Our fourth quarter task is to complete and launch a fully functioning VentiSwap: a revolutionary, industry-first, cross-blockchain DeFi Exchange with a specialized design that has the implementations of real-time charts, wallet connect, buy/sell limits, the tracking of your crypto assets, the functionality to speed up or cancel a pending transaction, the ability to display the tokenomics of tradable assets and much more,” says Michael Carlin, Co-Founder of VentiSwap.

VentiSwap’s implementation of its layer 2 solution protocol ensures a higher, more robust technique that improves scalability and efficiency in its forward driven blockchain, allowing traders to feel safe and minimize unnecessary costs. Development is well underway with a viewable demo on their website.

VentiSwap’s commitment to its users begins with making sure they find ease and safety when connecting to their wallets on the platform, by securing and having the fastest system response for all transactions. Investors have the freedom to accelerate the speed of any pending transaction up to two times, thereby promoting and capturing precise market rates for digital commodities. Buyers and sellers will be able to check the tokenomics of traded "meme coins," allowing them to know exactly what the taxes are and where they are being allocated. VentiSwap’s advanced technology will have a 3-point security protocol that precisely monitors contracts/tokens being deployed for trade on VentiSwap and immediately removes any tokens that could be a potential risk for traders.

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VentiSwap LLC