Three Car Rental Software Industry Leaders Combine to Form RENTALL

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems (Bluebird), Thermeon and Navotar, three industry leaders in the car rental software vertical, are merging to form RENTALL, which will feature the best of the three brands and offer an all-in-one rental solution.

Three Car Rental Software Industry Leaders Combine to Form RENTALL
Tampa Bay, FL, October 01, 2021 --( Three leaders in the car rental software vertical, Bluebird Auto Rental Systems (“Bluebird”), Thermeon and Navotar, have announced its merger to operate under one umbrella, RENTALL, which will encompass the best of the three brands.

The merger includes all-new branding and taking the best of three companies, now housed in one operation. The new branding includes a new logo, new colors and best of all an all-new next generation product.

“Not only does RENTALL modernize and revolutionize our car rental software portfolio, it solidifies our commitment with our customers that we are here to stay and continue building long lasting relationships in order to become even stronger business partners for our customers,” says Rafael Mazzeo, Vice President & Managing Director of RENTALL. “With RENTALL, our passion to develop innovative software for all verticals of the rental industry is stronger than ever before and we look forward to having all our customers join the RENTALL journey!”

By taking the best of Bluebird, Thermeon and Navotar and forming one umbrella of solutions for rental operators, RENTALL is positioned to ensure all verticals of the rental industry thrive.

“RENTALL was built with usability, scalability and extensibility in mind,” said Sanker Shivanathan, Director of Software Development. “It is cloud-native and uses modern web technologies and paradigms to deliver a versatile product. We are really excited about the potential of this product to elevate the vehicle rental industry.”

Bluebird, Thermeon and Navotar have all been leaders in the car rental vertical for multiple decades, with over 100 years of experience among them. Having now operated under Aspire Software’s portfolio, the decision was made to take the best of three brands and offer the most advanced solutions in the rental industry.

“We are able to sell such a varied and customizable solution with so much choice under our RENTALL umbrella,” says Naomi Virgo, Director of Global Sales. “It’s a unique position to be in to be able to not just sell our products but to have real confidence that we have a solution that really fits any size operator. We can be sure we are selling the solution that is right for their business. With the next generation product launch of RENTALL, it helps us secure our future to continue to be the industry leading fleet rental/management system. We can build on our unique industry experience to help shape the future of the rental industry with new technology!”

With a vision of becoming the preferred one-stop solution provider for rental operators’ technology needs, Aspire Software’s car rental leaders decided that offering the best of their solutions in one place would be the best way to serve all customers, as it strengthens its global presence.


At RENTALL we’re on a mission to be the SaaS solution of choice for rental operators looking for growth and stability in a disruptive sector. We have extensive experience in the rental industry, so we understand the challenges that rental businesses face. That’s why RENTALL was designed to be one of the broadest, most adaptable, and continuously evolving software solutions in the market.

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