Author, Business Master & Coach Monique Je’ Muhammad Announces the Release of Her New Self-Help Book “Power, Passion, Purpose & Prayer”

Author, Business Master & Coach Monique Je' Muhammad announces the Release of her new Self-Help Book, "Power, Passion, Purpose & Prayer"; putting the pieces together to become the best version of you.

Author, Business Master & Coach Monique Je’ Muhammad Announces the Release of Her New Self-Help Book “Power, Passion, Purpose & Prayer”
Dallas, TX, September 29, 2021 --( Most people can't fathom the thought of owning their own businesses, writing a book, or coaching others to be successful in their own businesses. Yet, Monique Jé has done all of that and more. And as the years go by, Ms. Monique Jé has managed to continue to elevate in her creativity. And with this new level of creativity, Monique has written another mind-blowing book.

"Power, Passion, Purpose and Prayer" is a book that will test your knowledge about your ability to live the life you dream of. It will make you ponder on how much power you truly have when it comes to your life journey. This book will help guide you to understanding your power and how to use your power to get where you want to be. Monique’s concepts are understandable and her creativity shines through her word choice.

"This book is insightful and uplifting, it will help you in realizing your self-worth and loving yourself. It will make you see what is truly important and that failures are just steeping stones on the path leading to fulfillment of your passion. This is a short book packed with many useful lessons." - @rubyisreading_

Above is a review from a reader who felt impowered after reading “Power, Passion, Purpose and Prayer.” Monique didn’t allow her failures to define her but allowed those failures to make her a powerful woman. Because of those failures, she can share her knowledge and help others take their power back in their lives.

Positive Customer Impact
“This book is very simple, and the concepts are simple as well but if we thoroughly understand them, it can be life changing and can bring out the best version of ourselves. This writing style is lucid and perspicuous, and the language used is simple and beginner friendly.” -@rubyisreading_

Product Availability
“Power, Passion, Purpose and Prayer” by Monique J Muhammad is available on & Apple iBooks.

Ms. Monique Jé will be having a “Book Launch & Signing Event” on Saturday October 2, 2021 @ Cigar Palace & Bar 975 HWY 121 Ste 190 Allen, TX, from 3pm-5pm.

About Monique Je’: Monique Je' holds a master’s degree in Accounting, Bachelors in Paralegal Studies, Life Coach Certification, Graduate Certification in Marketing, Licensed Texas Cosmetologist (20+ years), and Teacher Certifications (Social Studies and Mathematics). She has been a business owner of a Professional & Financial Services/Income Tax Prep Company for 25+ years and a Salon Owner for 15 years. She is a 15-year breast cancer survivor and Founder of the non-profit organization Code Pink Productions, Inc., which provides services to youth, low-income families, cancer survivors, patients, and small business owners. She has been named Blue-Sky Talk Organization 2021 “Change Maker,” named Voyage DALLAS People you should Know in 2021 and Plano Magazine 2020 Boss Girl. Want to find out more about Monique Je’? Visit her website
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