Colombia’s Viva Air Lands Stronger in the United States; Bringing a Fresh Approach to Pan-American Low-Cost Travel

Colombia’s Viva Air Lands Stronger in the United States; Bringing a Fresh Approach to Pan-American Low-Cost Travel
Miami, FL, October 12, 2021 --( - With the rise of low-cost travel taking off around the world, Colombia’s Viva Air recently expanded in the United States, bringing affordable travel to passengers throughout the Americas. Formerly known as Viva Colombia, in May 2021, the company rebranded as Viva Air to facilitate its transformation of the airline industry and development throughout the region, while inviting consumers to “Fly More.” Based in Medellín, Colombia, the company brings its innovative spirt and strategic vision to countries around Latin America through its commitment to affordable travel, high-quality service, extensive routes, punctuality, new aircraft and social sustainability.

As the aviation industry rebounds from COVID-19, low-cost carriers have become the champions of the airline industry, disrupting traditional legacy models with more affordable flight options for consumers. Viva Air is leading the industry’s rebound in the region due to its agility and ability to easily pivot its consumer strategy, compared to legacy carriers. Already in 2021, Viva Air has recuperated 120% compared to its pandemic numbers and grown 17% compared to 2019 due to new the opening of new domestic and international routes.

The airline also boasts some of the most reliable service in the region. In Colombia, it has been named the most punctual airline, with an average of 89% of flights taking off on time, according to OAG's September reports, while demonstrating its commitment to reliability to all its destinations.

Latin America provides particularly fertile ground for low-cost carriers due to economic constraints, limiting people’s ability to travel by air, and the diversity of destinations in short-haul domestic and regional markets. As Viva Air continues to build on its mission of “democratizing the skies,” the Colombian airline is constantly looking to grow its footprint for Latin American regional travelers.

By positioning Medellín, Colombia as its regional hub, Viva Air has made a firm promise to connect Latin America through the Antioquian capital. Known for its social innovation, Medellín offers unique opportunities for connectivity, development, and savings for travelers, by servicing the best destinations with the best prices.

Viva Air currently offers 29 domestic routes around Colombia, 5 domestic routes around Peru and international routes to Mexico (2 destinations), and the United States (2 destinations). Since 2015, Viva Air has operated routes to Miami, Florida, and currently offers 17 weekly flights, making it one of the airlines most successful routes. In July 2021, the airline inaugurated its second flight to the United States, landing in Orlando, Florida, increasing its connections to North America.

As the company continues on its path of rapid expansion, Viva Air looks to reach approximately 50 million passengers and add an additional 15 new routes between 2022-2025, representing a further step towards consolidating its position as the best low-cost airline in the region.

Founded in 2012, Viva Air is a pioneer low-cost airline group in the region, created by Irlandia Aviation, known for championing some of the world’s top low-cost airlines like, Ryanair. Today, Viva Air applies the successful European model to Latin America, while enticing a diversity of travelers from varying economic, social, and cultural backgrounds to enrich its consumer base.

“At Viva Air, we believe that everyone has the same opportunity to fly high and fly more. For us, that means being proud of the company’s diversity of employees, customers, and destinations we visit,” explained Viva Air president and CEO of the Group, Félix Antelo. “We’re on a mission to consolidate our position within the region’s aviation market by democratizing the skies and making travel affordable for everyone. Based on our success of the past year, we look forward to what the future will bring to us, and how we will continue improving our offering for regional passengers.”

Viva Air’s innovative approach to running an airline demonstrates the company’s commitment to transforming air travel by democratizing the skies and bringing affordable travel to more consumers in Latin America and beyond. Viva Air’s low-cost model, 89% punctuality in its flights and wide network of routes position the company as the most efficient and effective option when flying.

About Viva Air
Viva Air is the leading low-cost airline in Latin America. It currently operates 34 domestic routes in Colombia and Peru, and seven international routes to the United States, Mexico and Peru. In its nine-year history, it has transported more than 28 million passengers. In 2021, it named Medellín as its official hub for domestic and international operations. Recognized for its proven biosecurity protocols, punctuality and having one of the most modern fleets in Latin America, with 21 Airbus 320 aircrafts, Viva Air continues its path of expansion by bringing air equity to the regions it touches with its promise to always offer low fares.
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