ClinicalPURSUIT Offers a Wide Range of Clinical Patient Registry Solutions for Seamless Data Collection Analysis

ClinicalPURSUIT Uses Its Insight-Based Patient Registry Solutions to Improve Patient Data And Treatment Outcome Analysis.

ClinicalPURSUIT Offers a Wide Range of Clinical Patient Registry Solutions for Seamless Data Collection Analysis
Clayton, MO, January 24, 2022 --( ClinicalPURSUIT’s range of clinical patient registry services is the optimal solution to simplify data collection and analyze real-world data. Each of their services offers integrated solutions for both patients and researchers, allowing them to follow regulatory procedures efficiently.

The system also has an advanced design, with integrated security protocols to help researchers assign team members to groups for data handling based on their security clearance. It simplifies the process and prevents the possibility of data mismanagement or unauthorized access.

About ClinicalPURSUIT
ClinicalPURSUIT ( is one of the leading companies offering Clinical Trial Data Management and Patient Registry solutions to organizations involved in research. Their products and services incorporate the latest technological advancements and provide features that improve clinical trial management, data management, and patient experience.

About Patient Registry Solutions
ClinicalPURSUIT’s Patient Registry includes several software and services that assist both researchers and patients. Some of them have dual interfaces, one for each party, allowing smooth data capture and optimizing analysis and management.Here is a list of their services:

Custom Patient Registries
Their custom patient registries are based on a Vision Server platform and designed to optimize control and risk for researchers and patients. These registries are divided into three primary interfaces:

* Patient-Empowered Registries
* Clinical Driven Registries
* Phase IV Post-Marketing Research

The first two divide data control between the two main parties, while the third allows the pharmaceuticals to use existing data and updated regulations to explore market expansion possibilities.

Patient Survey Management
Patient survey management allows research organizations to develop unbiased surveys for patients effortlessly who participated in clinical trials. Health-related responses are automatically transferred to relevant categories in EDC while feedback is stored separately.

Patient Registry Reporting & Analytics
Their reporting and analytics are state-of-the-art and use the latest upgrades and technologies to develop accurate reports and present calculated predictions.

Lab/EMR Integration
All their Lab and EMR results are system generated, and information is integrated with patient records and EDC. Therefore, results for each patient get automatically updated in the data collection system, allowing researchers to study them while keeping previous health data in mind.

Patient Call Center
If patients need further assistance, they can connect with call center representatives directly through the patient registry, easing the process.

ClinicalPURSUIT’s Patient Registry services are expansive and diverse and enhance clinical trial management.

Company Contact Information
ClinicalPURSUIT offers clinical trial management and data management solutions to organizations involved in clinical research. More information about the business is available on their website ( can also be made by emailing or calling 877-791-4367.
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