Top Podcast, 2HotWives, Pitches Unconventional Sex as Self-Care for Women

Kink, open-marriages and nude resorts aren’t off-limits for today's modern woman.

Top Podcast, 2HotWives, Pitches Unconventional Sex as Self-Care for Women
Washington, DC, November 09, 2021 --( The producers of the top-rated 2HotWives Podcast – a Girlfriends’ Guide to Unconventional Sex, is thrilled to announce the launch of 2HotWives Media and its new website, 2HotWives Media is a network dedicated to helping woman explore their sexual interests and embrace great sex as the ultimate in self-care.

The site’s female-centric, women authored content explores unconventional sex, including ethical non-monogamy (swinging), nudist resorts, sex parties, BDSM and kink, all delivered in a non-judgmental, sex-positive way.

“We want to open women’s minds and provide them a safe space to discover and achieve their sexual fantasies,” said Ams Elle, co-host of the 2HotWives Podcast and founder of 2HotWives Media. “While many women are excelling in their careers, marriages and motherhood, they aren’t having great sex and don’t know where to find content that is aimed to educate and entertain them. 2HotWives Media is going to change that.”

While the 2HotWives Podcast focuses primarily on the exploration of its hosts, Ams and Kat, 2Hotwives Media provides broader and more diverse perspectives. The site includes a wide range of female contributors, both experts and everyday women, that tackle topics such as “The Nice Girl’s Guide to Saying ‘No,’” “Struggling with Body Image? Head to a Nude Beach!” and “Five Myths About Impact Play.”
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2HotWives Media Home Page

2HotWives Media Home Page

2HotWives shares sex-positive content with a female-centric, welcoming and non-judgmental vibe.