Announces Launch of New Equity Management Approach announces the launch of its newsletter, ebook and soon-to-be available online software tool designed to enhance equity portfolio returns for institutions. We offer a fundamental valuation-based approach to portfolio returns based on the Founder's 15 year experience as an equity analyst in NYC. Announces Launch of New Equity Management Approach
Kirkland, WA, November 09, 2021 --( announces the launch of their monthly newsletter, ebook and soon to be available online stock valuation software. Their methodology is designed to help pension and other money managers, Financial Advisors, Family Offices and Foundations generate better returns from their equity portfolios with less risk.

“We use a fundamental valuation approach,” says Linda Dunn, CEO and Founder, “that incorporates portfolio rotation to capture the spread available between the highs and lows of most investment sized stocks.” Many of the annual spreads are 20% or better and buying at the bottom end of the ranges reduces risk according to the Company. “These high and low price points often prove to be fairly predictable,” she said.

The approach was developed by Ms. Dunn, a former equities analyst for multiple large asset managers. “In this era of often significantly underfunded pension plans that are putting future retirees at risk both in the public pension fund sector, unions, private companies and the like, our goal is to provide a useable approach to help close those gaps in a cost effective manner,” said the CEO.

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Contact: Linda Dunn
CEO and Founder
Linda Dunn