Results-Driven Skincare Brand Solvaderm Launches INFUSODERM

Exciting new gel-cream moisturizer provides consumers with powerful anti-aging and antioxidant benefits.

Results-Driven Skincare Brand Solvaderm Launches INFUSODERM
Chesnut Ridge, NY, November 19, 2021 --( Solvaderm, a global brand known for creating scientifically advanced, professional strength skincare formulas, has announced the launch of their latest innovation: INFUSODERM.

INFUSODERM is a unique, ultra-light gel-cream moisturizer with powerful anti-aging and antioxidant benefits that work to effectively nourish and protect the skin while providing a youthful, radiant glow.

Harnessing the power of key active ingredient Snow Algae extract, the skin is conditioned and softened as it becomes replenished with deep moisture. Snow algae also has excellent survival capabilities which work to support the overall health of skin cells by improving their resistance to environmental damage. Additional active ingredient Cloudberry offers antioxidant benefits to nourish and protect the skin while supporting collagen. Rich in vitamins A, C and E, INFUSODERM’s botanical ingredients combat the effects of free radical exposure. The result: skin has a healthy appearance and radiant glow.

Philosophy and Brand Promise

Since inception, the Solvaderm brand has set forth with unwavering dedication to deliver pioneering skin care products while upholding the highest standards in every aspect of the brand and products.

The Solvaderm team says their commitment to continuous scientific research and the creation of superior grade skin care products is the paramount priority.

“We believe beauty is not a standard or a word with a fixed definition, but more so beauty is the unique relationship and perception we have of ourselves from the inside out. It’s not just who we see in the mirror, but how we feel inside,” said Terri Sasson, Solvaderm Spokesperson, “At Solvaderm, we do not impose a standard of beauty for our consumers to attain, but rather assist people in becoming their best selves starting with their skin.”

Solvaderm’s clinical, integrative approach to skin care combines innovation, education and safety into a simple, yet highly-effective regimen devoted to improving and preserving one’s skin health. The result of this superior methodology is revolutionary derma-cosmetic products that aid in correcting damaged skin while enhancing and preserving healthy skin as well as preventing future damage.

The brand’s motto “Redefining Skin Science™” has become a powerful affirmation of their role in the beauty and wellness industry. Made in the USA, Solvaderm Skin Care products seek to provide solutions that surpass the quality and efficacy of products on the market for those with a wide array of dermatological skin care concerns. The complete Solvaderm collection can be found in leading dermatologist clinics, plastic surgery centers, exclusive skin care spas and fine retail outlets.

About Solvaderm

The Solvaderm brand was created for one reason: to provide individuals of all ages with results-driven performance products that prevent and address all the signs of skin aging. Our team of skin care experts uses a pharmaceutical approach when it comes to producing cutting-edge, high potency formulas. Through a collaboration with leading dermatologists and skin care scientists, our innovative skin treatments are the result of years of research and development, providing clinically proven solutions that effectively address skin care concerns such as hyperpigmentation, age spots, redness and irritation, fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, blemishes, lack of hydration, and much more.

Whether your goal is to prevent or correct signs of aging, brighten discoloration, balance sensitive skin, or simply create an overall healthier complexion, the Solvaderm collection provides only the most potent, pure, and natural ingredients in our formulations.

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