Brendan O’Brien Joins Strategic Technology Solutions as Virtual Chief Information Officer

Brendan O’Brien Joins Strategic Technology Solutions as Virtual Chief Information Officer
Los Angeles, CA, December 17, 2021 --( (STS), a managed IT Services and Cloud Solutions Provider serving law firms in southern California and Arizona, announced today the hire of their new Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), Brendan O’Brien.

STS is pleased to expand their technology advisory and consulting services with the addition of O’Brien to the team.

“Brendan’s the perfect fit for our vCIO position because of his broad and diverse experiences in the IT Service industry, with hands on experience and a deeper understanding of network engineering, new construction build-outs, IT management, and consulting. We’re thrilled he's joining our team,” says James Waryck, Chief Executive Officer of STS.

In this role, O'Brien will help strengthen and customize STS’s vCIO advisory services for clients. Overall, his contributions will focus on increasing clients’ understanding of their technology, outlining the risks, measuring the impact of technology decisions on the firm, and identifying current and future needs for better strategic planning.

“My primary goal as vCIO is to educate clients around risk so they can make ‘on purpose’ decisions,” said O’Brien. This proactive approach aims to educate clients on preventable problems and potential risks that can be alleviated by leveraging industry standards and implementing STS-defined best practices around technology, which includes network- and server- infrastructure, cybersecurity, compliance requirements and policies.”

Overall, the purpose of a vCIO is to provide a 30,000-foot view for law firms to make more informed, long-term decisions for not just their technology, but their businesses. “Businesses really profit from getting guidance in thinking through their high-level and complex technology needs and solutions. In the end, it improves their operational efficiencies, security, and bottom lines,” says O’Brien.

STS’s vCIO services are beneficial for smaller and medium-sized law firms looking to spend their IT budget wisely. “Unfortunately, a lot of firms don’t have a vCIO or realize the value in having one,” says Waryck.

“Managing technology is overwhelming for most clients because it comes at them from every angle. This is why a vCIO is extremely helpful because they help companies invest their technology dollars wisely, and ensure that those investments are not only meeting basic day-to-day needs, but also enabling your business to improve and scale,” says O’Brien.

Brendan and STS found each other at the right time. “After 15 years in the IT Services legal technology space, it’s clear that law firms will benefit greatly from more vCIO advisory and consulting services. vCIOs really succeed in helping companies rethink their approach to technology shifting them to a preventative mindset and course of action that results in innumerable business benefits.” says Waryck.

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