"The Polish Cooking Show" Pilot Episode Available to Stream Now

"The Polish Cooking Show" Pilot Episode Available to Stream Now
Chicago, IL, January 19, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Thanks to high ratings and strong viewer response, Chicago’s WTTW has greenlighted The Polish Cooking Show for a full season. Far more than just a cooking show, each episode captures the dynamic of a mother-in-law teaching her new daughter-in-law the recipes of the family she has married into, and the cultural stories that go with them.

Conceived as a companion piece to the wildly popular Flavor of Poland, the pilot episode of The Polish Cooking Show premiered on WTTW just before Thanksgiving. The full 13-episode season will air nationally on PBS.

If you missed the pilot episode of The Polish Cooking Show, you can still stream it online at:


Love and Light Productions will begin filming new episodes of The Polish Cooking Showas soon as sponsors have been selected and attached to the show. Sponsors can be companies, individuals, or foundations.

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The Polish Cooking Show stars Ala Rokita, affectionately referred to as Mama Ala, and her daughter-in-law Natalie Rokita (Czupta). In each episode the duo prepare a traditional Polish recipe.

Mama Ala was born in Warsaw and immigrated to the U.S. to escape martial law. In Chicago she married and raised a family. Her son Matt recently married Natalie.

In the pilot episode Mama Ala teaches Natalie the recipe for Gołąbki – cabbage rolls stuffed with minced meat and rice.

Eight out of ten adults watch cooking shows, which means The Polish Cooking Show is anticipated to be ratings bonanza for sponsors. Additionally, it is important to note that there are over 9 million Polish Americans around the country who will be keen on viewing each new episode of The Polish Cooking Show.

The Polish Cooking show shares the beauty of Poland’s culture and traditions. It’s one-part cultural education and one part cooking show, all wrapped up with two charismatic cooks in the kitchen.
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