RomCom Novel Looks to Answer the Question, Can Grown-Up Romance Bloom from a Teenage Broken Heart?

Imagine you’re living a fairy tale. Your unattainable high school crush is coming to pick you up and whisk you away to senior prom. Walking on air, your heart is pounding as you wait to hear the knock at the door. A knock that never comes. No wonder main character Nina hates her would-be date Harrison even years later. In “My Turn” author Allison Jones details in light hilarity what happens when the two would-be-high school sweethearts are forced together for the wedding of their two friends.

RomCom Novel Looks to Answer the Question, Can Grown-Up Romance Bloom from a Teenage Broken Heart?
Charleston, SC, March 16, 2022 --( Harrison McCall is the last person in the world Nina Bryant wants to share wedding party duties with. And few could blame her, even though he’s handsome and successful, Harrison is the senior prom date who stood Nina up over a decade ago. Back then, Nina was an insecure quiet teen from a modest background who thought rich, hunky Harrison was out of her league. That is until he asked her to prom. In Allison Jones’ new romcom novel “My Turn,” we get both sides of the story from each of the main characters. Plus, we get a firsthand seat to watch the sparks…and maybe fireworks fly as fate drops feisty Nina back in the company of her old crush.

What would you do if you had to spend your best friend’s wedding prepping with the guy who thoughtlessly and unceremoniously stood you up? With the passing years, Nina’s heartache has turned to disgust for Harrison. But Allison Jones doesn’t tell just one side. In “My Turn,” we get to see all the events of the past and present unfold from both perspectives. Will Nina find out the real reason Harrison left her dressed up and dateless? Will Harrison reveal his true feelings? Within this poppy, contemporary love story, Jones laces humor into her dynamic, multi-layered characters.

Available as both a Kindle eBook and paperback on Amazon, “My Turn” will be released on DATE, 2022 and is distributed by Bublish, Inc.

About the Author
“My Turn” is the follow-up to Allison Jones’ first novel “Her Turn.” A Kentucky-native, Jones began as a freelancer before finally heeding the call of the characters longing to have their story told.

Jones, an MFA graduate, continues to live in the beautiful state of Kentucky where she and her husband have raised two amazing young men. Jones is a staunch advocate for her son with Down syndrome. Her ability to thread characters like her son into her stories demonstrates the importance of inclusion in society. When she isn’t writing, Jones can be found cheering on her favorite football teams, reading varieties of rom-coms, along with enjoying the antics of her dog, Luna and cats,Oreo and Nubs.

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