The Inaugural Melanated NFT Collection Readies for Launch Spring 2022

Providing a More Even Playing Field for NFT Artists of Color and a Unique Opportunity to Build Generational Wealth for Black NFT Artists and Investors

The Inaugural Melanated NFT Collection Readies for Launch Spring 2022
Washington, DC, March 24, 2022 --( ‚Äč‚ÄčAfrican Artist and Content Creator Batya will launch Queens & Kings: The Melanated Collection, the very first NFT Collection of its kind representing royalty, strength, and Black excellence in Spring 2022.

Queens & Kings is also the very first NFT created by an African woman that features melanated royalty and brings luxury, beauty, utility, and diversity to the world of NFTs.

The global success of Marvel's Black Panther demonstrated the hunger that Africa and her Diaspora have for seeing themselves in a different light other than what is often depicted in society, and Batya is intentionally helping to fill the void with this new collection.

The good news is that in many ways, Black Americans, are leading the crypto revolution.

Twenty-three percent of African-Americans own cryptocurrency, compared to 11% of White Americans and 17% of Hispanics, according to two recent surveys conducted by Harris Poll and provided to USA Today.

But there is still room for more diversity and more education. The majority of the top-selling NFT projects are not by people of color. ere is still a need for diversity in this space. The Melanated NFTs team’s background and approach are truly assets in creating an extraordinary project that will continue to grow and yield a return on investment for years to come. Melanated NFTs are the first luxury NFT project to celebrate and showcase the beauty and diversity of the people of Africa and the Diaspora.

This project will feature exclusively melanated people from around the globe celebrating Black culture, beauty, art, design, and luxury. With the goal of instilling a sense of pride in Africa and her diaspora and educating the community about the NFT space, this project will bring together technology, art, and business to empower, inspire and educate. Each NFT minted will come with its own uniquely designed certificate of authenticity and museum-quality acrylic art print.

“The mission behind The Melanated Collection is to both educate and empower our community,” says Batya, “by providing an innovative platform for Black NFT projects. We're introducing and promoting art that showcases and celebrates Black excellence and building a brand for the future.”

There is also a philanthropic element built into the Melanated Collection as each NFT sold will allow the project to support causes that are aligned with its mission.

In an effort to generate greater awareness about crypto, NFTs, and Black NFT art, Batya has created a comprehensive guide that contains a broad overview of the history of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and how this new technology is the greatest wealth-building opportunity since the invention of the internet and tech stocks. If you are interested in learning more about NFTs and the opportunities for Black NFT artists and investors and would like a copy of this guide please send an email to

About Batya

Originally of East African descent, Batya has spent her life and career refining her artistic craft. While in school, she won numerous art and design competitions and decided to pursue a career in graphic design. This allowed her to merge the fascinating world of technology with her passion for art. In much of her work, she has infused her love for color, pattern, typography, composition, and her African culture to create vibrant pieces infused with a spiritual energy all their own. For more than three decades, she has studied African culture, music, and art and has been an advocate and educator teaching others about the beauty and diversity of the continent and its Diaspora. An award-winning designer and avid traveler, her work showcases the balance and beauty of African culture—often using Ankara fabrics and other African prints—with more contemporary elements and textures.

About The Melanated Collection

Our first collection, Queens & Kings: The Melanated Collection is not only crafted with intention and quality, it is also empowering and will provide utility to investors. Each piece in our collection has been individually crafted (none of our pieces are generative) and will have real-world, tangible utility. Each Queen and King in our collection has their own specially selected name, personality, and story, giving you insight into the future of these characters and the Melanated NFT Universe.

The first 100+ NFTs from the Melanated Queens & Kings Collection will be minted in Spring 2022.

You can find images of Batya’s Queens & Kings: The Melanated Collection here.

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